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  1. Hi Andy, You keep getting me confused by the words you are using 😀. “Edit with” means the right-click option. “Edit in Affinity” means using the extension. the message “flatten” means that Affinity has created multiple layers during the edit. Photo’s cannot receive layered documents, so the document needs to be “flattened” , meaning al layers are combined to one layer and the edits are “baked in”. If you reopen the picture you cannot edit the different layers or remove one. So if your document is finished it is no problem, and in Photo’s you can always go back to the original. If you use the “save” command in Affinity you have the option to save with or without layers. If you “save with” you need to store your picture/document outside of Photo’s. I am not sure what the message “exceed the 16 Mb limit message” means. Wasn’t able to figure out if it has to do with caching of Affinity or perhaps a limitation in Photo’s. As I am a curious person, I will try to figure this out in the coming days. cheers.
  2. @Andy, To make it perfectly clear: I do not mean the "edit with" function by using a right-click in Photos, but the Affinity extension "Edit in Affinity Photo", that one wil fire-up Affinity Photo using the RAW (or original jpeg for that matter). The right-click procedure in Photo's will, in case of a RAW-file, sent a tiff-file to Affinity, not the original RAW. So far I didn't see the "limit exceeded" but I will try some more examples next couple of days.
  3. Well Andy, To be honest, the develop extension does not do much more or even less then Photo's can do by its-self (that is at least my opinion). So If you like to do profound edits in RAW you are better off using the extension "edit in Affinity Photo" as you wil have much more possibilities, using the full power of Affinity. And that extension works great now.
  4. @ henryb Well... not quite. The extension "edith in Affinity Photo" works fine for as-well jpeg /tiff and RAW. Great ! One "pity" though. After saving a RAW back to Photo's, you cannot re-open to continue with the edits. It will always start with the original RAW. The extension "Develop" works for jpeg, but still not for RAW. When I open a RAW and want to save the edits I still get the message "unable to edit with Affinity..."
  5. Well on the positive side: It works for RAW, which it didn’t, the extension develop works for jpeg. That’s an improvement also. It’s still a beta release for which Affinity indicates they are still working on a solution because it hasn’t been fixed in this beta. so I keep my hopes up.
  6. As far as I understand from the API from Photo's The RAW wil be replaced as a jpeg with the changes. I am not sure about the history though. When I re-open with Affinity extension, it always opens the original RAW, without adjustments. There are extensions that keep the history (depends though, it's a rather complex story).So they start with the adjusted photo. This might be of interest to understand how Apple Photo's can interact. https://tidbits.com/2019/06/14/the-ins-and-outs-of-non-destructive-editing-in-photos-for-mac-and-ios/
  7. @SteveB523 Thanks for your response. Well I did try that to no avail, However I took another jpeg made one adjustment, and that went fine after Flatten. So I experimented a little more, making more than one adjustment to that same jpeg , resulting in being not able to save back. Took a different jpeg (from another camera) did the same: multiple edits, not able to save back. So I did another experiment. Open a RAW make multiple adjustments in Develop mode. Followed by multiple adjustments in the Photo Persona that went ok. So still in beta and some work to do for the team I guess
  8. After installing the beta I can report following: Extension "Develop" works for jpeg, but not for RAW to save changes to Apple Photos Extension "Edit in Affinity Photo" works for RAW but not for jpeg to save changes back to Apple Photo's. I didn't test the other extensions as they where fine in version 1.7.3. (Will try those perhaps another time). Cheers
  9. So sorry, you are quite right. I was mistaken with some other app's. They don't all handle this as good as you do. My apologies .
  10. @fatihayoglu and Cecil. Be aware that when you use the "Right-click edit with" option in Photos it will always sent a 8bit jpeg to the editor. So for RAW-edits this is not an ideal route to go. That is not a fault of Affinity, but a limitation in Apple Photos. When I have some extra time next few days I will instal the Beta 1.8 and see what I can find using the extensions from Affinity.
  11. @ SteveB523 In general I can agree your observations, except for your opinion about Apple Photo's. You can define an own folder structure, you can ad Keywords to your own like, The metadata is exported as exif- and iptc-data (which is rather as it should be).But I guess you figured that out already. I can see though that Apple photo's is not designed for or targeted at professional photography or for everybody depending on their needs or likes. Apple Photo's is designed to work with external extensions..(with some limitations). Even Affinity proves that , next to a number of other professional editors, as 5 of their 7 extension work fine today, and certainly the retouch extension has a wealth of possibilities. All 7 worked in previous versions. So yes, I believe strongly that they will solve the issue (as other vendors already did). In the mean time I can use the majority of their extensions, and when I change my workflow a bit, also the "edit in Affinity Photo" and use that to its full extend. (At the same time a bit more speed to solve the issue would have been nice -;)). My 2 cents, and yes: Happy new year to you too (and all the others of course).
  12. @ henryb, Did I misspell or don’t I understand what you are writing (English is not my native language) ? Because that is what I wrote in my replay to Brantc.
  13. @ Brantc It’s definitely not Apples fault. I am running at least 4 other apps with extensions that didn’t and don’t have this problem. @ Mille 19, I understand what you are after. It has worked in the past, so I still hope Affinity will sort this out. And there are other Apps that you could use as DAM, the way lightroom does. I am not going to mention them in this thread, but I am sure you will find them, but with some patience Affinity might solve the issue.
  14. @ mille 19 Does LR save directly to Photo’s ? Or can you even fire up LR directly from with in Photo’s (and I mean without the right-click feature in Photo’s but opening RAW directly from Photo's to Affinity). If not you might still be better off with Affinity.
  15. @Richard, (and others) I can partly agree, however this problem was introduced with the release of Affinity Photo 1.7. ... even with Mojave. I reported that already with the Beta of 1.7, but the problem got never solved so far. I am not complaining in every post or thread in this forum. But to me Affinity for sure isn't handling this adequately. It's a great app, however for those who rely on Photo's as a DAM, like me, it's not that suited. The only way present to use, is to change your workflow. So yes you can edit from Apple Photos to Affinity, and then need to export your Pictures elsewhere. Not working for me though. presently this is the only way I can think off, as well for RAW as jpeg edits. Using the app. "external editors" sents of a jpeg or a tiff (depending on the settings within that app.) and saves back a jpeg to photo's. Not happy with that either. There are some app's, that handle that in a perfect way. ( so keeping RAW's including their editing history). I'll stick to those for the time being. Luckily I was able to buy the Affinity app's with a lot of rebates at the time, so I take my losses , and wait for more to come. By the way bug reports would help I guess.
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