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  1. Version 1.9 First start-up 10-15 sec. Second start-up <3 sec. Startup extensions from Apple Photo's <3 sec. Start-up extension "Edith in Affinity photo" from Photo's approx. 5 sec. For me this is very satisfying Workflow with Apple Photo's has improved, but still not very user-friendly. Different behaviour between editing RAW or jpeg's in terms of "not able to save edits", or need to first manually flatten, or just works fine or not at all.
  2. @Rafal Czapiewski Yep, and don't forget all the other Photo editing apps (also professional ones), that don't have this problem at all. So why would Apple pick this one and forget about all the others.
  3. Want happens if you “flatten” the document before saving ?
  4. Your welcome, Well I work on a Mac also, but from the start I used the download version from Affinity website. Their latest version really runs very fast, (has some quirks though in Big Sur), so what I mean is that perhaps you can uninstall the AppStore version and replace it by the download version of Affinity. Then again I think you need to contact technical support on this matter, as I really don’t know if this is a possibility.
  5. @Pattebear, A couple of suggestions (you might already have thought off) 1. Did you (and others with this problem) try to start-up in Safe-mode" and restart afterwards. ? 2. Did you try working with Affinity without an internet connection (If Grinning Shark is correct, this might help) 3. Is it possible to install the version from Affinity website, because that runs smoothly (almost ). I suppose you have to contact support before you do this. HtH Ben
  6. @MEB You're welcome, Hope for a "quick fix". It's quite cumbersome to work .
  7. 👍. Just stopped using on1 😉, great UI, far more easy then Affinity, but rather slow and also quite some problems with BigSur I understand. I stick to the DAM from Photos. The combination of RawPower, Photo’s and occasionally Affinity works for me. Every body has a workflow that suites him best I guess.
  8. Hello RHMB, I did already post (the wrong way I guess) a few hours ago, Hence this new attempt: The "Edith with Affinity Develop" stopped working "ages" ago. (If I remember correctly, with the introduction of version 1.7). I disabled this one a time ago , also because it's limitations add nothing special to what Photo's can do in the meantime. Lots more possibilities for that matter. Of course I tried with this new version, but it simply doesn't work for RAW, as you noticed. Glad the extension "edit in Affinity" does work for you as well. I find this one much more valuable if I want to use layer or other advanced functionality. However using this option has, to me, one big disadvantage. If you save back your RAW-edits to Photo's, and like to continue afterwards were you left it isn't possible. When you re-open the file from Photo's, Affinity will start again wit the original RAW, without any edits. So you have to start over again, the history is gone ! Other apps like RawPower, and f.e.On1 keep the history, so you can pick-up where you left. Due to the way apps and Apple Photo's work this is limited anyway. If you like there is a very interesting article by Nik Bhatt https://tidbits.com/2019/06/14/the-ins-and-outs-of-non-destructive-editing-in-photos-for-mac-and-ios/ Ben
  9. You're welcome and thanks for looking into the behavior of the extensions
  10. Very quick start up for me. Much faster then before, however I am not running the AppStore version, but use the download from the website. iMac 27” 16 GB, 2 TB fusion. Running Big Sur. Do have serious problems with the Extensions for Photo’s though. (Posted a topic in this forum about that).
  11. Similar things happen by using the other extensions like, Retouch, Liquify, Miniature etc. After opening Affinity from Photos using the extension, nothing seems to happen, but after scrolling th picture up and down in the Affinity window, I will be able to see what I am doing. Then again, only using RAW. It doesn't matter if I use the RAW engine from sherif or the one from Apple. It results in the same behavior. For jpegs it's ok. Is there a setting in Affinity that I need to modify, or is this indeed a "Bug" Thanks Ben
  12. A small update deploying the RAW behavior further. When I use for instance the extension "Affinity Monochrome" Affinity fires up and shows just a full color picture. When I change the sliders nothing seems to happen, however when I save back the picture is monochrome, but in this way I just cannot see the effect in advance. However with the same procedure, after moving the picture down it wil show partly monochrome, and afterwards moving up it will show completely monochrome and I can use the sliders in realtime. So I will be able to see the edits "real-time"
  13. Interesting, For the first time the "edit in Affinity Photo" seems to work properly with my RAW-files. I can open, edit and save back to Photos. I am using 1.8.6 with Big Sur. For jpeg's I got this error too, but after I flattened the file in Affinity, it worked ok. So there is a begin of a smile for me I do have some problems though with the other extensions using RAW-files. (see my other post on this matter), They seem not to work, or at least show curious behavior, that I cannot explain yet.
  14. All of the extensions for Apple Photo's don't work. They fire up Affinity, but nothing can be applied. As a stand alone app. it runs fast. Update: They will work with jpeg, however not with RAW-files.
  15. Hi Andy, You keep getting me confused by the words you are using 😀. “Edit with” means the right-click option. “Edit in Affinity” means using the extension. the message “flatten” means that Affinity has created multiple layers during the edit. Photo’s cannot receive layered documents, so the document needs to be “flattened” , meaning al layers are combined to one layer and the edits are “baked in”. If you reopen the picture you cannot edit the different layers or remove one. So if your document is finished it is no problem, and in Photo’s you can always go back to the original. If you use the “save” command in Affinity you have the option to save with or without layers. If you “save with” you need to store your picture/document outside of Photo’s. I am not sure what the message “exceed the 16 Mb limit message” means. Wasn’t able to figure out if it has to do with caching of Affinity or perhaps a limitation in Photo’s. As I am a curious person, I will try to figure this out in the coming days. cheers.
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