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  1. Is it true, even when I buy a product key for the download version? Of course I know that the AppStore Version is connectec to my itunes Account. So is it possible to switch from the AppStore version by unistalling it to the download version with a product key. If yes, will I lose all the connections to plugins, macros etc? PS: After MacGB'S hints I shut down the computer again, startet Affinity (works slow), then shut down Affinity and start again. Suddenly now it rund quite fast. Also storing files is quite fast now. You should try, perhaps it works for anybody as well.
  2. @MacGB THX again. I hoped that any Member of the Affinity Team would write an answer here in this thread about installing the download version after uninstalling the AppStore version. If it works, I will change. regards Roland
  3. @MacGB First thank you for your hints. I started up in safe mode and I also switched off the WLAN. It seems that Affinity works a little faster now but not really fast as in the previous version. The website version would be interesting but for Mac (where I usually work) I have chosen the AppStore Version. I only own a windows version which I actually don't use. Regards Roland
  4. Is there any chance to step back to AP 1.8.5 or 1.8.4 with the App Store Version and Big Sur? I have to retouch some Pictures for a client and it seems that my retirement will be faster then the end of the project. Also storing/exporting PSD takes 2 up to 5 cups of coffee. Thx for your support.
  5. Same with my MacBook, also AppStore version 1.8.6 Also when shutting down AF it feels like a lifetime until it quits.
  6. Same here on my MacBook Pro 15", 32GB and I9, BigSur. Takes up to 2 Minutes until GUI appears on the screen.
  7. With the new Version 1.8.1 the NIK-Collection is working now. Thanks for that. But I still have an issue, that ColorEfex and AanalogEfex are not listed within "Filter" -> "Plugins" -> NIK-Collection". The install-windows for the plugins look like this and both filters are marked in red "Globale Unterst├╝tzung". How can I manage to get rid of this problem? Especially ColorEfex is one of the most used filters.
  8. Thank you for your prompt reply. So I will wait for any update.
  9. After unsucessfully trying to include NIK 2.5 in AP1.8 I tried to delete AP1.8 from my MAC and do a new, clean install. I tried several ways to make NIK running in AP without any success. Especially bad after NIK 2.3 was running under AP1.7.3. But after deleting AP1.8 and reinstalling through the App-Center still all changes are still there. May question is now, how can I do a complete deinstallation for AP so I can reinstall it without any changes, no Macros, no prevalues and especially no Plugins. I am running a MacBook Pro with Catalina. THX for any help
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