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Trying to open latest version of illustrator file. Doesn't open in latest only iDraw?

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I had something really weird happen. The place where I work sent me an Illustrator file to open. I couldn't open it in Illustrator CS6, couldn't open it in Affinity 1.8.4. I eventually got the file to open with iDraw which I don't think has seen an update in years!! Does that makes sense to anyone else? That makes no sense to me at all. I would think the native program it's self or a modern competitor to Illustrator would be the best at opening it.

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Hi @KipV,

When opening these Illustrator files, Affinity (& I assume iDraw), read the embedded PDF flies, rather than the Illustrator file itself in order to open and parse the file.

It sounds like, for reasons I'm not to certain of, that iDraw is still able to pull this PDF information, even when the file is showing as 'corrupt'.

If it's refusing to open directly in Illustrator then I recommend trying to send the file again using a different method, or contacting Adobe for help recovering the file :)

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Is it possible for the people who sent the .Ai file to drop the version compatibility a bit, or would that cause issues because they have used features only found at a certain level of Adobe Illustrator 

This post seems to explain the Adobe Illustrator/PDF connection quite well: https://www.datalogics.com/blog/pdf-tips/illustrator-and-pdf-compatibility/


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6 hours ago, firstdefence said:

Is it possible for the people who sent the .Ai file to drop the version compatibility a bit

I think they could, it is basically just a line drawing. So if the latest version can export as CS6 that would work. I have been wanting a document that explains the Illustrator / PDF connection so I will look that over.

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