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How to automate Export function ???

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I have  a large number of .afdesign files that contain illustrations for a book.  I periodically have to export the current version of each illustration to a .png file.  To do this, I currently perform the following steps on each file:


1. Open the .afdesign file

2. Click File > Export

3 . Ensure PNG, image size and "whole document" selections are correct (they are static for each of my illustration files)

4 Click Export

5. Click Save


This 5-step process is not hard, but it is tedious when I have to do a lot of files.  Is there an easier way to do the exports?  I know that AffinityDesigner offers a Continuous Export feature, but I believe this only works with slices.


Or maybe there is a way to use Mac Automator to automate the keystrokes, so that with the press of one key, a macro performs the above five steps?



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