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Latest build of Affinity Photo Beta ( for Window OS Windows 10 on Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13.
So ... Every time I launch Affinity Photo it appears on the wrong monitor (I have two monitors connected), and I have to drag the main window and all the palettes across to the correct monitor. It does not rememeber where it was when I closed it. Does this require a coding fix or is there a setting somewhere to sort this out please? tia xx

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Have you tried it with the latest Beta, On my system using 2 monitors there's no problem remembering my layout over both.

Affinity Photo ; Affinity Photo Beta; Win10 Home Version:1903, Build: 18362.207: Intel Core i7-4770, 3.90GHz, 32GB Ram, Nvidia GTX 645, 3-Internal HDD (1 Crucial MX5000 1TB, 1-Crucial MX5000 500GB, 1-WD 1 TB), 4 External HDD

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I'm on a dual screen setup. I haven't noticed this issue (yet). A question, but is the monitor it is moving back to set as the "main" display. Many of us use the main display for our applications and secondary maybe for less important, so it's possible others may not run into it as often. Since you're using a Wacom, if that is a secondary display then maybe something changed in the software to trigger this.

You can use use Windows Key + Shift + Left/Right Arrow to switch windows between screens instead of dragging. That doesn't move the floating panels I don't think, but maybe you can have a workspace saved that you can "reload" when this happens.

At least until it is fixed.

Microsoft Windows 10 Home (Build 19041)
AMD Ryzen 5 3600 @ 3600Ghz; Mobo: Asus X470-PRO
32GB DDR4 (3000Mhz)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060Ti 6GB
Monitor 1: 4K @ 150%
Monitor 2: 4K @ 200%

WACOM Intuos4 Large; X-rite i1Display Pro; NIKON D5600 DSLR

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Hi debraspicher, thanks for your feedback. I'm using the tablet as a virtual Ituos pad (for pen input, when I need it), and I have two screens hooked up to it. I didn't know about the Windows/Shift/Arrows keys, I will give that a go, cheers for that! :) xx

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