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How to create this outline logo in AD?

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Is it possible to create such a logo in AD ... which is editable (text) after?

I guess it's not possible to choose a gradient for background color of the letters and must be solved with a mask?

Also it has TWO outlines (and a shadow) ...

Thanks for any hints..


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38 minutes ago, William Overington said:

What is AF please?

Since the extension of @NBG's linked file is .afdesign, I assume he/she used Affinity Designer. At first sight I cannot spot anything in the file that would require Photo or Publisher.

14 hours ago, Fritz_H said:

check "scale with object"

This won't work with the approach @NBG chose because the outline was created using layer effects where the scale with object option is not available. If the outline needs to scale proportionally with the object, I think the only way to achieve this is using the Appearance panel and applying multiple strokes. Since these are not available for text objects, the logo needs to be converted to curves. See my example below.


Edit: Layer effects, too, have a Scale with object option, but this would apply to all layer effects of the object. Not sure if this is desirable here since there's also a drop shadow involved.

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