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Hi Folks,

I'm trying to understand where I make a mistake:
I create a CMYK doc with Fogra 39 profile, I place in the layout some RGB images, some texts, colored and 100K and a couple of boxes filled with other colors.
When I export them I try to change the ICC to Fogra 29 or SWOP. 
I expect images to have different CMYK values... and it happens. 
However this changes also the vector boxes and text, so "Numbers" aren't preserved.
Worst of all, also the 100%K comes on CMYK values.
I tested some different setup, but when I change profile, numbers aren't preserved at all. Strange.
Cannot find a way out of this.
Someone could be so kind to explain me what I am doing wrong and how to fix it?
Thanks a lot!



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OK, I did some test:
All what you suggested is true and has a certain sense.
But most of all, it works and that's it.
It is not so linear, because the Assign/Convert is counterintuitive, as well as the lock on the color slider palette.
However, knowing what to do make easy to adapt.
Hope that in the near future Affinity will smooth that particular. Color management is fundamental nowadays!
Thanks again for your precious help, it makes things clear!

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Affinity devs should definitely straighten the procedures, after all there a clearly some results which are desired and commonly wanted, and others that are not useful at all. Software should offer help to achieve the usual wanted results and warn if selections would result unwanted results like not-100K text/vectors.

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