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  1. You were right. The reinstallation of the "regular" version solved everything. It works fine now. Thank you all! Greetings, Tine
  2. No, the fonts are working fine so far, except with Publisher. I have deadlines and I do not want to risc anything so I didn't "touch" the fonts.
  3. You're right! I changed the font and the export is ok. The name of the font which gives the problem is Might Makes Right BB (Open Type). Strange, I have never had problems with that font in Affinity Photo and Designer.
  4. When I choose PDF(flatten) the export is ok. But when I choose PDF(for print) I don't get an exportfile.
  5. Thank you Gabe, After the last update of Publisher I don't get the errornotification anymore But the export doesn't work as should be: I don't get an pdf exportfile. Greetings, Tine 208t.afdesign test2.afpub
  6. I get an error when I export a document to pdf (for print) with linked Designer files. Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6.
  7. Thank you. Unfortunately, it didn't work out for me. With Wacom Link is everything perfect. Standalone I have a flicking black screen. I think I have to take more time to experiment with the driver settings.
  8. I've got the same problem. Did you solve it?