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Issues printing to Epilog Laser Engraver

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I am also having severe issues with print after updating to from 1.7.x. (I don't recall the version number; whatever the last stable one was. I updated to 1.8.- two-3 days ago when I was given the prompt after starting Designer. Using Windows 10).

1. The print preview shows all visible objects on my artboard that I am trying to send to my print spooler (in this case the Epilog laser print driver).


2. However the information that the printer receives is grossly incomplete. I don't recognize the pattern by which it is not submitting information. Attached is the afdesign I was trying to print.


Each tortoise is comprised of a large Curves path, and grouped with the smaller detail pieces. The octopus is a single Curves path. (Epilog doesn't display a bounding box around information that it doesn't receive; hence the print info looks incomplete).

I was at least able to export to *.pdf where all of the expected information was present (this allowed me to print and finish my task at least). 

I've attached the *.afdesign file in the event it is of use in sorting out.


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8 hours ago, flobnoit said:

I've attached the *.afdesign file in the event it is of use in sorting out.

I can reproduce this also on a standard desktop printer (PostScript driver), see below output directed to a print file:


The problem also happens when the PCL printer driver is used. It probably can be reproduced on any printer so not a driver specific issue.

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