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Ipad crashing - selection brush tool

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Hi, I have just purchased affinity photo to edit my photos however I have a continuous bug where the selection brush tool can be used, you refine the selection and then if you attempt to output as a new layer with mask, this causes the app to freeze, and sometimes it'll successfully create the layer with the mask but the majority of the time it crashes the app.

this is a 2018 iPad (with pencil support) 32GB model. using the 1st gen pencil, about 8gb free space .. photos imported locally from photos app, 8Mpixel and 16Mpixel jpg's.

also it'll occasionally crash when switching between personas, I like the feature set but the stability is terrible, app version 1.8 and using the latest iOS.

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I have the same problem with my 2019 IPad Air with 16gb of spare disk space app crashes every time I hit the apply button. All latest  updates applied and app deleted and re-installed to no avail. Very very frustrating as I upgraded to new iPad and pencil so could use this app. 

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On 3/9/2020 at 5:53 PM, Chris B said:

Hello Swolf1982 and DirkM,

I managed to reproduce this on a 2018 iPad but not on a 2017 iPad Pro.

I will log this with the development team.

Are there any news about the issue?

Are the developers working on that?

my intention is invert time and probably money in learning how to use the application, but i would like to know if this kind of problems are going to be solved before.

Any information will be appreciated. 



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Just noticed an odd behaviour with this, I have always told my groups to rasterise an image layer BEFORE trying to cut or duplicate a selection or adding a mask layer.

But I now see that adding a mask layer "appears" to work EVEN when it is an image layer. Is this new behaviour?

I would always instinctively rasterised a layer before using the selection brush. I wonder if the people who are having problems rasterise their image layer before trying to make a selection?

Affinity Photo 1.9 beta, Designer 1.9 beta, Publisher 1.9 beta on MACOS Big Sur beta on Macbook 2016 and M1 Mac Mini 16GB 1TB (Superb!)
Affinity Photo 1.9 beta, Designer 1.9 beta, Publisher 1.9 beta on Windows 10 Pro.
Affinity Photo 1.8, Designer 1.9 beta on iPad Pro 9.7" on iPadOS 14.5 beta.




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