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AD [] - Expand stroke still does not work properly. Curve ends are cut off!

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The length of the straight line at the end of the lines/curves must be significant in order not to be cut off.

I tried to keep the ends as short as possible but they are still cut off. Also the baking did not help :(



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This version actually works as desired, but only when I insert, for example, arrows at both ends (beginning and end) of the curve.

These elements are stored separately in the layer and must be removed manually.
But if I only insert connection elements at one end of the line, the other end will be cut off again, strange or?



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  • Staff

Adding arrowheads that are inside the curve, actually shortens the curve and doesn't make it end where it used to - hence the different behaviour. I think there's just some issue surrounding the curves generated by using corners and I'll investigate it, thanks :)


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