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Hi guys,


I've read a lot about Affinity Designer and now I'm on trial version thinking about buying it.


Well, I'd rather have a light UI but I can live with a dark one. :)


But, the guides. The guides.


I use them all the time, can't go without them. And Designer makes it really really difficult.


- why do I have to use Guides Manager all the time? Why can't I just create a guide and immediately change its location on Transform Tab in Studio just like I do it with regular objects? 


- why can't I at least snap Guides Manager to Studio as a new tab so it's always there and not taking work space? I cannot even resize Manager's window - right now it is unnecessarily wide - it coudl definitely be half the horizontal size.


- why can't I copy guides as I can in AI? For example I have a file 1000x1000px, I decide to make guides every 100px. In AI I just go to Object>Transform>Move, set up distance and then Copy and Cmd+D nine times and its done in 10 seconds. In Designer I have to create 10 new guides in Manager, each one I have to doubleclick to set the distance. 


- what if I make decision to move one object and need the corresponding guides to move with it? It can't be done, right? So I move the object and then I have to move I don't know maybe 20 guides and since I cannot move them all at once just by selecting and dragging I have to go to Guides Manager again and change the location of each guide separately? 


- if I create a new file but need the guides from the other file - there's now way to move them over, right? Or just copy all of them and paste?




The price for this software is very good and reasonable even without the present discount but this guides thing will probably make me stay away from it. 


And I really want to leave Adobe for good - it's expensive and I hate their subscription model.



Is there any way you could make guides as easy to deal with as in AI? Please?



Thanks for hard work!








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Hi David,

Thanks for your feedback.

I agree that guides are still limited in Designer. We are working on improving them and you should see some news here soon.

We will not be covering all these points but i believe things will become easier as we move forward and refine the program.

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me too, I am missing this features. Is there an option that the guides are rotated, when the document is rotated? If yes, where can I find it? Thank you very much in advanced.


Best Regards


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