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Glyph Browser: Allow the Creation of Custom Glyph Sets

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Hi again,

this is a follow-up to my recent Glyph Browser thread. Please implement some way to create custom glyph sets. I would even suggest that this request should have precedence over the one in the other thread, provided it is easier to implement. For we could then consolidate Greek or Mathematical glyph sets ourselves and have them readily available, before “the other thing” is done.

Thank you for considering … :)


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If you were to start a new document in Affinity Publisher, landscape format, wide but only as deep as needed and include each character that you want to include then produce a PDF document, then the PDF document could be used as a typecase for an end user to select a character and copy it onto the clipboard and paste into a document.

It is not a good a solution as what you request, but you could do it now and it would have the benefit of all the characters for one topic being in the same document so that an end user would not need to already know in which Unicode block the character is listed in the glyph browser.

Here are some samples of similar things that I produced some years ago. They can be very useful sometimes. These were produced using PagePlus. Affinity Publisher has the advantage that the PDF can include characters from al, of the Unicode planes.

Using the copy and paste can be a bit clunky at times as it may well be necessary to format it all to the correct font.



A possible benefit of trying the above is that the results produced by community effort could help Serif if Serif wants to implement your suggestion, because Serif could then use such PDFs as a guide to how to provide what you request without needing to do all of the specialist linguistic analysis themselves.




Using a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 in England

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Indeed, this is one of the possible workarounds I have been using myself with other applications. In Affinity Publisher, you could alternatively create a text frame with the relevant glyphs, save it as an Asset, and drop it anywhere you need it. :)

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