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Drag + Spacebar to move the selection or object...please?

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Kudos on the great app. 



This is a fairly basic ease of use suggestion...


When you are dragging a selection box/circle or dragging out a shape, it'd be splendid if holding down the spacebar would move the selection/object. 



This makes it easy to get an exact selection... or enables you to size and position in one simple move saving a lot of futzing and keeping you in flow. 


This interaction can be found while taking a native screenshot on your mac (shift+cmd+4+drag... + hold spacebar) or on all the other drawing apps made by the company named after dirt bricks.... and Affinity is better than dirt bricks' products.



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so many of these little simple things that were missed. I'm ready to cut my losses and go back to photoshop. I went all in with Affinity thinking it was the answer. I bought both photo and designer and all the filters after reading how great they were. Too many small issues like this is making basic productivity impossible and the simplest things a constant challenge. Ugh. 

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