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Found 5 results

  1. I hate to complain but until Affinity "fixes" its absurdly weird colour system, the suite will remain second best compared to Adobe. The Bullet List maker is a total cock-up, too. They are both so irrational that I can't even explain what's wrong with them. Adobe has Aff beaten in this regard, hands down.
  2. As the short title tries to explain: Copying objects with assigned global colour to a new document does not transfer the document palette. So they retain the colour, but the swatch lives a half life somewhere "in the air". That's a bug. Longer explanation: So I carefully manage my document with named colour swatches inside its document palette. ...maybe for a brochure for a specific client. Then I need to create a related document (same client, partly same graphic objects, obviously same colour swatches.) in a different size, say, for a business card design. So what you usually do is: select relevant objects, command+C, command+N for new doc, dial in all measurements, command+V Problem is, a new document has no document palette. And even if you create one from scratch, the copied colours are not appended to it. Further: if you then select "add current colour to palette as global colour" it creates a new name for it, although the old name was visible in the colour panel... I beg you, please consider repairing the underlying colour system in the affinity apps. there are so many inconsistencies. (create palette from doc uses rgb or hsl converted colours instead of the cmyk definitions, copying colours from one doc with cmyk OUTPUT colour profile a to another one with OUTPUT colour profile B does a colour conversion instead of keeping the INPUT values) I know, you know how things worked in ID/Pagemaker/Quark for the last twentysomewhat years
  3. Hi, It would be nice that if you open a document that has a document palette this palette would be selected by default. I know it is trivial but it is an extra step that feels really unnecessary.
  4. I have been using this cool little iOS app called WheelMasks to create color swatch palettes that I then import into the Affinity Photo desktop by way of the Import Palette/Document Palette and then choosing the .ase file that WheelMasks exports out. When I try and import the .ase file, Adobe Swatch file in the Photo iPad version, I get no option to actually select the .ase file. Is this not implemented yet?
  5. Hey guys, congrats on all the amazing work on the next 1.5 Betas! A feature request for a decades-old sore point in design software: document palette and swatch creation and maintenance. Productivity wise, I hate having to work on the Swatches palette to maintain a doc's palette. It's a tedious but important task in design and production environments. This is an opportunity for Affinity to leapfrog Adoblow™ in terms of user experience and app intelligence. It would be VERY beneficial if AD automatically and actively maintained and updated the current document's palette and swatches, perhaps as a per document and/or app wide setting. Meaning whenever one creates an object with unique, unspecified colors or swatches in a document, AD would add them to the document's Swatches palette (as either Global or regular swatches) and if there are any changes, AD auto updates the swatches/palette and deletes that instance (unless it's used by another object in the document). Having to periodically clean out the palter is important but tedious. You get the general idea... Thanks for your consideration and amazing work. Thanks for all you do!
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