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Found 5 results

  1. I have made in Photo Beta a part of a picture a gradient in a rectangle to get a different color. Then as afphoto file placed in Publisher it doesn't show the the gradient. To be sure of correct use of the tools I exported it as an PNG, and then the gradient is clearly visible. Replacing file is not giving any result. transparency-gradient.afpub
  2. Hi, This affect AD bĂȘta, AP bĂȘta and APub: When selecting for example a Pantone colour, a new document palette is automatically created with the name "Document", and the colour is added to this new palette. (We need to select again the Pantone palette to select other colours). When selecting/using other Pantone colour, those colours aren't added automatically (as the first one, or as in AD 1.6) to the document palette. We need to add them manually. If the palette "Document" is renamed, and we select another Pantone, a "new/second" Document palette is created and the colour is automatically added to this palette, as in first step. It's strange to be able to have more than one document palette. It would be better if we could merge them, or if importing another document palette would ask to add colours to the current document palette.
  3. Congratulations on releasing Designer for iPad. I am surprised there was no beta. There was one for photo which I participated in. If in future there is a beta for Designer I would like to participate Meantime I look forward to enjoying the newly released app!
  4. Hi Is it possible to move a custom palette from Designer to Designer Beta? If so, how is it done? Thanks
  5. Magenta outline and: Stroke width is set to "0". Stroke color is set to "None".