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  1. Yeah affinity so bad, im not use this app few month ago, regret bought this app
  2. Why Eps Stock file become a pixel. honestly, I've little regret bought this few month ago and some brush set designer and photo. And Im not using designer from few months ago, and back using AI, and for draw artwork im using clip studio. because lot problem, one of them like brush size reset after change it, not have vector eraser, etc(im forget it), and now eps become pixelate (on designer and affinity photo). please help miss/sir or fix it on the next update.. I will not using affinity software again if that problem not fixed & responded . im waiting few month for fixing underline
  3. I will explain thats trouble again, example, I use a brush and change the width brush, afterwards we change other brush, and I need reuse previous brush, and what happen previous brush width reset again to default, thats waste my time for change brush again n again n make me tired, and Im being chased by a client order deadline... Thats can fix it with brush on the pop up window brush - editing and change width there, But if we want make a illustration which uses a lot brush, thats so tired wasted time too, please fix it on next path Affinity Designer and Photo,, its really2 annoying fo
  4. ok, thnks,, im new user this app,, little confused about tool,, 😊 im not found this toturial too,, i hope this feature can add on affinity designer too like other vector maker too
  5. Dear Develover Team, I hope u can add free distort scale and perspective distort scale,, if I Ctrl+left click object corner transform, i can distort scale on object. AND please , if I change brush, previous brush size not automatic reset.. Pliss add this feature On AFFINITY PHOTO AND AFFINITY DESIGNER on next update, because without thats tool and automatic reset previous brush, make me bit frustrated when Im making A Illustration and manipulation photo... ex distort transform object : I hope u can respond my request, Thanks #Dear Developer Team ❤
  6. yeah this make us spend many time for make illustration,, i hope future developer team can make brush not reset again after w are using other brush and need reuse previous brush on affinity photo and affinity designer
  7. yeah this trouble very very troubles us for create illustration who use brushes a lot.. and cuz this, we are spend some time for change brush size if need reuse previous brush, i hope this trouble can fix it right away,, 2016, n now 2020 T_T
  8. yeah just disable windows ink on pen tablet app and on affinity app,, n this work
  9. Thank, Im so Glad, its really work after I turn off windows Ink on my Pen Tablet App and can right click everywhere i want . now I no longer use mouse. I really hope next update if I change brush, previous brush size not reset again like other App design/digital painting. actually, I can change the brush size in the brush edit options so that it doesn't reset , but it was very tiring. Thank Dear develover Team ✌🏻😁
  10. Dear Developer Team, i can't right click with my stylus button on layer panels n pixels persona mode. because this bug i can't only work with my pentab, and i was force to using mouse. If u read this, I hope u can fix this bug soon. And the Last, I hope the brush size don't automatic reset default size after using other brushes, BECAUSE thats so annoying =__= and waste my time for make illustration project. Because of this, after I want to reuse the previous brush, I always change brush size Again and Again, oh my time,,, Thank if u read this #Beloved Developer Team ♥ INFO
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