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  1. My wife purchased the Affinity Designer application for me but used a diferent account. I have the Publisher and Photo on another account. Is there any way that i can consolidate these? Be much easier to just manage a single account.
  2. As requested by a splash screen I successfully created and signed into my free account in Affinity Photo on my Mac. I turn to my iPad and sign in to my Affinity account fails. I sign out of the account on my Mac and sign in again to test the password is correct. Yes, OK. But still the same email address and password in rejected on the iPad Affinity Photo account sign-in.
  3. Hello, I have issues logging into my account using the Microsoft Store version of the affinity suite, every time I tried logging, I have the same error in both 1.9.0 and 1.9.1.
  4. Just recently got a new PC so I figured out it'd be a good idea to log out from my affinity apps. I logged out from the device and installation on the new PC went smoothly. I registered the new device, but when I checked the "Registered apps & devices" tab I noticed there was already a person using my account for Affinity Photo. Is there any way I can log out from this device? As it's usual I sold my old PC so I don't have access to this computer. Thanks in advance.
  5. i cant get my account linked (hit the button and nothing) same problem when i click on "new pattern layer from selection" mac os 10.11.6 el capitan
  6. Both Photo and Designer (I don't use Publisher to check) have a new "My Account" button that allows you to view and manage your purchases. As an example, with Photo 1.9 I can log in with my account in and see the new free resources, and all previous ones I purchased: - 20 Fog Overlays by Paper Farms - 20 Rain Overlas by Paper Farms etc... I downloaded all of them using the "My Account" feature in Photo. Now, when I switch to the "My Account" feature from Designer, they are not listed as installed, instead I have to download them a second time. (1) Where are the assets s
  7. Hello Affinity Team, GREAT UPDATE! Request! ( for all the programs , designer, photo, and publisher ) when i downloading content from the account window, I and probably other really need the option to where its downloaded to. My C drive is OS only. I have all my programs and content on D drive. I need the ability to save or move these downloads off my C drive as there is limited space for the OS only. Is there a way now to move them and re add the assests manually? Perhaps a option for downloads later release? Gary
  8. I dont know where to post this as there seems to be no customer service link at the website. I own Affinity Photo, Designer, and Affinity Photo for Ipad. Today I tried to log in to my account as required to download the free UI kit being offered to users of Affinity Designer. The app tells me I've already registered my name and email address, however, I cannot log into my account at the affinity website - and I cannot even reset the password as the reset instruction email never arrives. How do I resolve this?
  9. Okay, some gray area question, but i immediately undid everything that could lead me to pirating software. I'm using my Designer (a paid one) and also i recently tried demo of Photo. I accidentaly foung one guy sharing his account and wondered whether it would work. It did. But i immediately deleted my software because i was afraid that that guy would have access to my computer data because i used his login and activation key. Is it possible? Thanks for anwer. Sorry for my grammar
  10. Hello at first I would like to thank you for your beautiful softwares .. May 11, 2020 .. I bought 02 product (affinity designer + photo) from my personal account created by the address X@gmail.com and on May 13th ..I paid a friend to buy the third product which is the affinity publisher from his account created by another address which is: Y@gmail.com and now I am the owner of 03 software licenses (designer + photo + publisher) by 02 accounts !!! (my account + my friend's account) .... Is it legal to have 03 software by 02 accounts ! thank you
  11. I purchased Affinity 1.4 back in 2015 from the Apple Store. I was not given a product key. Nonetheless, I have been upgrading and now have Affinity Photo version 1.8.2. I wanted to download Affinity Designer and tried to log into my account here at Affinity but there is no record of it. I then created a new account and made my purchase, but I wonder what my status is with regard to my copy of Affinity Photo? How can I get my account updated to reflect this program.
  12. Hi there. I bought affinity designer from the microsoft store, but I didn't get sent a product key. I want to use it on another laptop (also on windows), but it's asking me to pay again. Have tried using my order number as a key, but it doesn't work. Have been through my purchase info on the store and through my email and can't find anything. Please can you help. Screenshot below of my confirmation of purchase email. thanks! Gudrun
  13. Hello! A while back I bought Designer for my iPad, through the app store. Today I bought it for my Mac also, this time from Affinity's web site, and had to create an account there. Of course, my iPad purchase isn't listed on my Affinity account. Is there a way it can be? Is there even a benefit to doing so, or should I not worry about it? Thanks!
  14. Hi, I had a Mac and it was stolen in 2017. I had Affinity photo there and wanted to know if there is any possibility to transfer the license to my Windows PC ? Thanks, Rahul Kumar
  15. Dopo essermi scritto per avere il download beta di editore, per un mio errore ho dovuto disinstallare il tutto. richiesto un nuovo download il sito non mi riconosce la password. Ho fatto presente il caso, ma fin ora (sono passate le 24 ore) Chiedo: è possibile annullare l'account - e come fare - per ripetere l'iscrizione?
  16. Hi, Im working for a Company where one of my co-workers has buyed a license of Affiniti Photo and he used his work e-mail to register a account while doing that. Now the problem is that the pc where we had the Affiniti Photo on has broken down and we got a new one. So we need to instal it again. But the co-worker who bought the license has quited the job and he only left the information about the license number and no software. So we need the Affinti Photo software to install it again, but then we need to logg on to the account that was used when we bought it and its gone now becaus
  17. Hi guys, I have problems to login my license Affinity Designer, adquire this app in 2015 on Itunes Store, but i no used this app frecuently. Now need use this app but appears email un registred in the system, so i cant recovery my password o access to use the purchase in my new imac. I hope you can help me to resolve this topic. tnks
  18. Hello, today I tried to log into my affinity account, and it says: "Your account is frozen. Please contact the customer support" in German. So here I am. Whats happening? Why is it frozen? Have a nice day, Leo
  19. Hello, A while ago I bought licenses for Photo and Designer. During the purchasing process I entered my general purpose email address but I would like to have both licenses associated with my newly created email account dedicated solely to software purchases and registration. I know that ordering FAQ says that I should always use the original email address provided during product ordering: However, I would really like to change it. Is there any procedure I could follow to achieve this goal? Thank you in advance for your answers, Łukasz Tyl
  20. Hey, I've been having some problems since I bought Affinity. I bought it over the AppStore, but I never received an Email to actually make an account for the affinity store and therefore could not download it. I have been trying to find a solution, but I couldn't find one. If you could help me that would be great
  21. * RESOLVED * I bought Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo by Apple's App Store but I don't think that I have an Affinity Account because when I try to log in or when I try to get another password by "forget my password" the message is that I don't have an account with that email. Thats weird. How can I create my account then? Or how can I fix that? Thanks
  22. Hello Today I tried to use your "Forgot Password" for my account like 5 times, but I didn't get an email. I have Affinity Photo on Mac and I want to download the new resource packs for 1.6. My question is - Do they come with the Update or I have to download them. If so can you help me reset my password?
  23. hello, I have a problem with opening affinity photo account. After entering the correct details, I get a message "Can't open Affinity account". What should I do, my dearest support ??? Prof. Rafael.
  24. I cannot sign into my account, and when i try and send myself the confirmation email to reset my password, I never get the emails. I've checked and I put the right email down, so I don't know what to do. Please help. I don't know what the next step is.
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