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    Affinity Photo - crashing when writing to Drobo

    Gabe, Both are selected.
  2. Hey MEB, Is there any way to crop to an irregular shape, and blur the crop edges?
  3. I'm using the latest Affinity Photo on MacOs Mojave. When I open a photo from my Drobo 5N, it loads fine. When I try to save the file back, I get the spinning beachball and Affinity stops responding. Saving the same image to my local drive works as expected. The file always damaged on the write back to the Drobo, with a file size of 0k. None of my other software exhibits this problem.
  4. Yes, I already registered it when I downloaded an asset pack that was being given away with the purchase of Affinity Photo.. Thing is.. if its already registered, why not just take me to the link for the asset?
  5. Meb, THanks for getting back to me. No joy, however. I bought all the apps on the respective app stores, for Mac and ipad. Going to the welcome screen does furnish a link to the UI kit.. but clicking on it, takes me to the website where I'm asked to enter my details again - which of course dont seem to work. Are you saying that if I purchase through the app store.. I dont have an Affinity Account? Then what credentials is it asking for?
  6. I dont know where to post this as there seems to be no customer service link at the website. I own Affinity Photo, Designer, and Affinity Photo for Ipad. Today I tried to log in to my account as required to download the free UI kit being offered to users of Affinity Designer. The app tells me I've already registered my name and email address, however, I cannot log into my account at the affinity website - and I cannot even reset the password as the reset instruction email never arrives. How do I resolve this?
  7. I'm a new user of Affinity Photo, having come across from Photoshop. I've been trying to figure out how to adjust the blur tool's strength. It seems by default it applies too much - how can I adjust it. Also, I'm finding the in-app help rather light.. is there a manual?
  8. I used to use AI primarily for creating custom masks for After Effects compositions. Create a shape, covert to curves, copy and paste to After Effects. It is with great disappointment, therefore, that I see that there seems to be no way to get the same thing working with Affinity Designer. Is there a workaround?