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Found 18 results

  1. I am working in Affinity Publisher 1.9.2 on a Mac. With the move tool selected, I do not see the Properties button. I need to rotate context within a picture frame. Please help!
  2. I'm having some issues working with object properties on Designer. I want the default vector properties to be the same as a previous made object. On illustrator that was very easy, select and object and the next one you draw will have exactly the same properties. (Current object sets the defeault properties) On Designer im struggling to set the current properties. I know that i cant select and copy and object and paste properties only, but that doesn't modifies the current default properties (And doesn't preserve all properties, like gradient lines). Also i must paste style on all new
  3. I’ve noticed that I can draw a line (nothing to do with text) then change its properties and the Outline Style in the Character Studio changes. See attached GIF. Also, changes to the Stroke and/or Colour properties of the line change the Outline Style in the Character Studio too. I don’t think these things should be connected as the Line properties for a line/curve should not have any effect on Characters that the object does not have. Or, to put it another way, why is the Character studio showing changes to the Line properties of something that does not contain text? Or, to expand on tha
  4. Issue / Task: Imagine you are creating a user interface or some other dynamic / modular design consisting of a variety of elements, sharing certain properties, such as color stroke width fx and many more Possible Applications: Creating dynamic, unified color palettes for multiple buttons, knobs, input fields etc. Changing global or semi-global stroke properties on the fly Re-using existing designs while applying new schemes for a new entry in the series swiftly Speeding up changes to large-scale projects in general Rela
  5. The Picture Frame Tool properties should have a default of None. Or, please allow the user to choose a default, different to the present Scale to Max Fit. Keep up the good work. LesliePrint.
  6. Windows uses special "XP Comment, XP Author, XP Keywords, XP Subject" fields (XP <name>) for presenting the associated information with the Windows File > Properties > Details presentation. After creating an Affinity Photo Exported JPEG file, the previous content of these fields disappear from presentation by Windows. Is there a way to preserve the use of these Windows "XP <name>" properties fields when a JPEG file is edited by Affinity Photo desktop and the image is Exported as a JPEG file (*.jpg)?
  7. It would be nice to be able to change the line properties of more then one objekt(/layer) at the time. Say you have twenty different geometry objects (causing twenty layers) and want to set the line width to the same value or change the line style of all to the same, you normally would select all layers and adjust the settings. Currently it's not possible in AP; I have to select and ajdust every layer one after another. One solution is to grup the layers, but in some cases this won't work; e.g. when they are already grouped with ather layers which have their own styles (e.g. rectangle with o
  8. In Affinity Designer, I have a whole series of vector lines, all of a particular stroke width. I want to change the stroke width on all of these objects (there are over 100). I can select these multiple vector objects, but then I can no longer access the properties panel. It seems like this should be simple, but there seems no way to do it in Affinity Designer. If there isn't, can we please have it? At present, I would have to individually select each line, change the width, go on to the next line, etc. And Designer doesn't have any interface, it seems to automation tools like AppleS
  9. I'm using moviePlus X3 to make a speeded-up film of a plant growing, by joining up a hundred 7-second clips (one a day for the summer}. The 'help' advises to select all clips, and change the speed in the 'properties' pane... i made it speed up by 10, and it has made each clip 0.7 secs long, but with 6.3 secs of black inbetween the clips.... does anybody know how to delete the black space inbetween the speeded-up clips??... jw
  10. Using Affinity Photo 1.5.2 for Windows 10. JPEG file Properties > Details has a Title field, a Subject field and a Comments Field. After using Affinity Photo using File > Save or using File > Export, these three fields are cleared or changed. Can Affinity Photo be made to preserve the information in these three fields? The JPEG file Properties > Details fields for Tags and Authors are preserved. This is good. Thank you.
  11. Is there a panel which displays basic file information - dimensions, color mode, size on disk etc.? Kill me, but I can't find it anywhere...
  12. I just wanted to recap the current state of how Affinity Designer is performing in web design workflows. I'm using Affinity Designer since one year for all of my work and I love the application itself. But as of now there is no complete workflow to handout designs made in AD to developers in any way: 1. Neither Zeplin nor Avocode support AD and it doesn't seem that anthying will change here. 2. Affinity Designer supports PSD Export but has two major drawbacks: Border radius properties are not preserved and text layers are completely flattened which make them comple
  13. I was wondering if it would be interesting to create space for a notes field in the file properties (I'm aware I'm opening a can of worms there, IMHO there should also be room for data such as creator, company and copyright which then inevitably segways into a discussion about EXIF data too - allow me to stay away from that for now). I've seen someone talk about a description/information layer but that's inside the design, what I'm talking about is the ability to store meta data with the document which describes content, with or without tags and other fun stuff that you could actua
  14. Will there be something available to maintain the xml data of a SVG directly, so it is possible to change and add object properties?
  15. Hi, Sorry - a basic question. I want to select (switch between) layers and draw without having to reset line and fill properties each time. Is this possible? An example workflow is: 1. Set up a layer to draw lines with a set of properties 2. Set up another layer with, say, a filled object defined by a set of properties that may include a transparency value for the fill. 3. Draw lines, but from time to time find that I want to add filled objects before switching back to line drawing. Each time I switch layers I have to re-enter the properties for the first of the additional object
  16. Hello, I made a search, and didn't find anything about this potential issue (I'm still not sure if it's a bug or not). Here is my problem : I create a curve (freehand, or by converting a shape), I select it, and go to Stroke pop-over. I can edit the width, cap, join, align, etc. But when I click on Properties button, the Brush window is completely locked (everything is disabled, impossible to select anything). And when my curve is selected, I can change the Color in the right tab, but if I try to select another brush in "Brushes" tab, then nothing happens : my curve keep its "stand
  17. Hi, if i change the stroke width under proberties, the brush window opens and will change pt in px degree so this works not. - why the brush window? - why here px and there pt? - how i can change all to px or pt? is it a bug or just ignorance :rolleyes: JING-Animation: http://screencast.com/t/J0buu6Tl OFFtopic: - how i can handle 2 curve-handles (end of the vid) when i smooth a Node? I want to mirrored change the curve-crescend Thanks a lot You remember me? i think will buy the designer too...it is better then inkscape !!! :ph34r:
  18. Hi... another newbie questions... On the right side there are property inspectors, such and the one that has Transform, History and Navigator. also the one wither color editing (swatches, brushes, etc). I have a few visible and one disappeared and I can;t figure out how to make it viewable again. Can someone tell me how to turn the property inspects on and off (i.e. make them viewable) ? I do know they change based on Persona view, but I've lost them in more than one persona (d'oh!) Thanks!
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