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Found 7 results

  1. I would like to be able to add my own name in the Pages panel to existing names Page 1, Page 2 ... If we create a dozen or several dozen pages, it is easier to find logically signed pages, not just Page 1 or other. This should be done exactly as you would now add your own names to objects in the Layers panel.
  2. Hi, I am using publisher's latest edition and suspect that I accidentally turned off a setting. Normally, in the pages panel it will show my 12 pages which I can use to rearrange them. However, now all I see is blank space. In the content panel my pages are still there and I can scroll to see each of them. I tried resetting the studio. Does anyone know how to get the display back to normal in the pages panel please? Thanks
  3. Currently, the pages studio and viewport are relatively detached from each other. I can double click in the pages studio to jump to this page in the viewport. However, the reverse action: double clicking on the current/ active page in the viewport to jump to this page both in the viewport and pages studio, is not possible. This is useful to manage the position of the page within the document, so you don't have to scroll to go to the page. In the pages studio, this function is called "Go to Spread" in the right click menu, so I propose to add this reverse action to the viewport too.
  4. A very plain wish: When the focus is on the "Pages" panes ... it would feel natural to me to scroll through the pages with the cursor keys ... but by the looks of it there is absolutely no way to use keys to proceed to the next or previous page. Even enabling the "End" and "Pos1" key would be nice. Maybe this functionality could even be active if the the main window is active, you have the "Move" tool selected and there is no frame selected ?! Aside that I find it very hard to recognize what is the currently active page. This thin frame marking it is hardly visible - even harder, when the content of various pages is layoutwise pretty similar. So it always takes this extra-extra effort to find out on what page you are on in the page panel. Cheers, Timo
  5. Hey guys, since I wasn't able to figure out if there's a thread about this, but for me scrolling through pages in Affinity Publisher takes ages – not performance wise but rather the sensitivity of the scrolling seems very off compared to anywhere else in the app. Has anyone else noticed this and gets bothered by it? Especially while working with documents that have a large numbers of pages I tend to broaden the panel so I can see more than a single column of pages, but that's not very convenient because the page in the workspace gets to small. Is there a tweak or workaround for this matter? An option in the burger-menu of the page panel to adjust the scroll speed for that panel would be nice. Or maybe adjust the scroll speed in the panel so it doesn't require two full spins to get to the next page? Cheers and have a great day! MrDoodlezz
  6. In Publisher it's almost inpossible to spot the currently active page. There is some gray border around the page-thumbnail/preview but it's almost impossible to spot. Especially when having a lot of (master-)pages. Next to this there is also a very visible selection color (blue) showing which page is SELECTED, but that is not always the same page as we are currently editing. Also, why add so much focus (even on the name label) on a selected page(s) and so little on showing the current page? In my opinion it's much more important to be able to quickly see what page we are currently editing than to see which page happens to be selected. This is how it looks now: blue for a selection and that hard to spot gray for the current page we are editing. The current page, which is the most important thing to know, is almost impossible to spot: This is how I would like to see it: the main focus on the current page we are editing (here page 2) and keep the blue border for a selection, but don't highlight the page-name-label because that's too much focus to a selection making it difficult to spot the most important thing: which page we are currently at. So highlight the CURRENT page's label instead:
  7. Help screen says to "right-click a page thumbnail" to unassign a master page. Using 'ctrl-click' as the usual Mac equivalent of a right-click, no menu box appears. There is not a way I can see to unassign a Master Page from one of the Pages in the document.
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