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  1. Bonjour, Est-ce que quelqu'un ici est déjà passé d'une licence simple à une licence multi-utilisateur ? Si oui, comment se passe la procédure ? Merci à vous tous.
  2. On April 24, 2023, I upgraded to v2. I had no problems downloading the installation files from the website. I decided to install Designer and Photos on my iPad a few days ago and was surprised to see that it was unavailable in my region. I'm currently in Ukraine. Is there a way to resolve this issue?
  3. How to I get the upgrade offer https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/store/upgrade-offer/ when I bought Photo, Designer and Publisher from the macOS App Store at different times when they were releases and not as a bundle from Serif's website?
  4. If you've read the Affinity Licensing, Registration and Activation Guides and you still haven't been able to activate your V2 app or you're getting an error not mentioned in the guides, please see the below common issues and their potential solutions. Firewall/Proxy/VPN If you get the error "There was a connection problem with the server" or "Unable to contact the Affinity servers. Please check your firewall settings for this app" when trying to activate, it's likely that you have a Firewall blocking the app from connecting to the internet or you're behind a proxy. Please add the below URLs to your firewall/proxy whitelist. It's also possible that connecting through a VPN can also cause these kind of connection issues. https://affinity.api.serifservices.com https://affinity.serif.com Date, Time and Time Zone If you've disabled your firewall or confident that your Firewall/Proxy/VPN are not the cause of your connection issues, please make sure your computer's date, time and time zone are correct. If they're incorrect it can lead to issues with digital certificates. This issue can be confirmed by running the Connection Checker (see below) and checking the log file. You will be given the error 0x10000005 if this is the issue. "There is a problem with your account. Please contact us for assistance" If you're getting the message "There is a problem with your account. Please contact us for assistance", please contact Affinity Support using the email address affinitysupport@serif.com stating the above message. This is an issue that requires further investigation and can only be dealt with by our support team. "Please try again" This message can appear if you're trying to activate an Affinity V2 app while you have another Affinity V2 app running in the background. Close the other Affinity V2 app to continue the license activation. Once activated you can open the other Affinity V2 app again. If you continue to have issues, you may need to reset the app back to its defaults following the instructions here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/167832-how-do-i-reset-an-affinity-v2-app-back-to-its-default-settings/ Unable to click "Continue" when you see the message "Your app has been successfully registered..." on iPad To workaround around this issue, please turn off Wifi and launch the Affinity V2 app. Once the app is launched you should be able to get passed the message - you can then turn Wifi back on. Clear DNS Cache If your issue isn't listed above, we've had reports from users that clearing a machines DNS cache can resolve licence activation issues. More information about "Flushing DNS" can be found here: https://www.whatsmydns.net/flush-dns.html I have activated V2 app(s) successfully but I'm still prompted to activate on app launch We aware of an issue where you can be prompted to reactivate a previously activated app when it's launched at the same time as another activated V2 app. This can happen if you're using a combination of MSIX and MSI versions on the same machine.
  5. Thank you Serif/Affinity team for the new release! can't wait to use Affinity V2 apps... Could anyone please explain what the difference between Affinity V2 Universal License (Multi-user) and Individual Affinity V2 Universal License. is Multi user version like a floating license? Also, is there a discounted upgrade price for V1 user?
  6. I am trying to activate V2 on windows and I keep coming up with this error message. Have reset my password and am able to log into my account online. Any suggestions? Best M
  7. Recently I received a reply from Affinity about activating Affinity 2. I was told that "The Affinity 2 apps, whether bought singularly or as a universal license require an internet connection for activation". Clearly this is an anti-piracy action (although software requiring on-line activation can be hacked). However, Affinity 2 users may have the following issue with this: The Affinity packages use propriety data files that can only be opened with Affinity. Should Serif no longer support Affinity - or stop trading - then it will not be possible to install Affinity packages when upgrading to a new computer. Hence the data files would become inaccessible, and all the work done using Affinity packages would be lost. Those of us upgrading to Affinity 1 from the DrawPlus, PagePlus ... packages have already faced this problem once before and lost months of work. As a consequence, with regret, I will not be upgrading to the Affinity 2 packages. [Although larger companies (Adobe etc) require on-line activation they are not as likely to stop trading.]
  8. For more information on the Affinity V2 licence and registration process, please read the following guides: Affinity Licensing and Activation Guide (Affinity Store) Affinity Licensing, Registration and Activation Guide (Mac App Store) Affinity Licensing, Registration and Activation Guide (iPad App Store)
  9. We cannot install Publisher 2.0, because MSIX is not supported on Windows Server 2019 (Standard). Is a EXE or MSI aviable? Andreas
  10. Due to some problems i have to reinstall my windows 10 would it affect my affinity license in anyway. Cause i heard affinity attaches the license to the os thus i want to be sure.
  11. Now that Affinity Photo is in the App Store (good news!) what is the license like? Can I install it both on my iMac and my MacBook Pro for one purchase? Ian
  12. Hallo zusammen, wo findet man die Lizenz zu den nach Installation der Applikationen enthaltenen Pinselsets (Einfach, Acrylfarben....)? Dürfen die Pinsel für kommerzielle Projekte unbegrenzt verwendet werden? Bei den Pinseln die man im Store kaufen kann ist dies eindeutig ersichtlich, bei den integrierten habe ich diese Informationen nicht gefunden. Wäre super wenn jemand weiterhelfen kann.. Gruß Florian
  13. I've paid the amount through PayPal (transaction ID - 88C31212JX672060G) but didn't receive the license key yet. it has been 2 days. If there a weekend vacation Please reply once about it, It is frustrating.
  14. Hi, I work in a German municipal office and we are on our way to buy some licences for Photo, Publisher and as well for Designer. To use a product we have to give the software to our provider, they make a special package and after that we are able to install the software with a special application. Now I have some questions: 1) I can download the full version (Photo, Publisher or Designer) after getting the licence key. Does that mean that the key is implemented into the software? Since we get several keys that would mean, that we have to order several packages from our Software provider. Which is not handleable and too expensive. 2) I already downloaded the Trial Version, so maybe we can give this to our Software Provider. Do we need administrative rights to activate the licence key? If not, we could use this, and give the key, to our users, so they have to activate the affinity products themselves. But... they have NO admin rights. So, if the registration works with a change in the registry, we can forget this solution. Thanks for your answers! Sabine
  15. Hi, Last week my hard drive failed on which my operating system was installed. I had my affinity softwares installed on secondary hard drive but as the OS hardrive failed so are the licences. Can you please help me on how can I recover the licences. I am using windows 10 and previously I was using the same OS. I bought the licences from affinity.
  16. I own two Macs. MacBook Pro and iMac. I use same Apple ID on both. CAN I USE THE SAME Product key(S) ON BOTH COMPUTERS? (I am a single user and use Affinity software for personal needs only)
  17. hello affinity team , few days ago , i purchased a copy of affinity photo 1.8.3 for window 10 os from affinity website. i install it on my computer but after installation (in whole installation process) ,there was appear no license key window. before its i was using my friend's copy with license key. but now i want to use my own copy of AP but i can't register with my license key due to absence of license key window. i think it is taking old key (license). i cannot format my windows os due to some important work. so i want to some help for manually activation with license key of software. thanks to advance.
  18. I bought Affinity Designer and Photo through the Mac App Store but I bought Publisher directly from Affinity (yes I know – what a dumb thing to do). I don't intentionally do this, I simply followed the links I found and bingo here I am with three products by the same company but they're differently licensed. I sometimes find the Designer and Photo personas don't work from Publisher, It doesn't happen often, usually just before I update to newer versions when they become available but I can't reproduce the problem consistently. I suspect it's because the MAS version's don't want to play with the directly bought ones, but I'm no software developer. I'd like to licence the three the same way if possible. If it's through the MAS or directly through Affinity that's alright (I'd be happy with the latter so nobody gets a cut) but I'd just like some continuity: There must be a way to transfer a licence from MAS to run a direct bought version? I've done it with other products that I've bought through the App Store and I'd be very happy to hear if there's a way Affinity could do the same. What do you think Affinity, Is there a path to transfer licences or can you make one like other software? Thanks in advance. Emyr
  19. I want to transfer the licences for all my Affinity products to a new PC, but I can't find an uninstall/deregister option in the software. How do I achieve this?
  20. Hello there, I purchased Affinity Designer (macOS) licence approx 2 month before. Unfortunately my macOS machine has hardware issue and not working properly so i decided to change my machine of Window OS. So could it possible to convert afinity designer from macOS to Window OS licence . Software will use only in one window machine . Please help me out. Thanks in advance !!
  21. Hello, I bought both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for myself. I will be working at a company for the summer and I was wondering if I can use the software for both myself and the company. The company will provide me a laptop to work on and I was wondering if I could install it on the laptop and my home PC. Only I will be using the software on every device, the company or any house relatives will have no access the software. Thanks :)
  22. Could you please clarify, if there is a difference regarding the license for Macs when purchased from your shop vs. from the App Store? I'm especially (but not solely) asking with regard to the installation and use on more than one of my computers. Thanks!
  23. Hello, i have one, specialy question. We need AP for editing price tag and other materials in our electronic store, but don't need business multiple licence, becouse i want install AP on only one PC. Can i use clasic licence for desktop or we must contact your supp for special licence? Thank you, have a nice day, CzDaV3
  24. Hello, Can I use Affinity Photo on my windows laptop using the same purchase as my mac-book? if so, how do I install and start using it? Thanks
  25. I am running Affinity Photo on Windows 10 Desktop. I am administrator and have no problem running the application. My partner who also uses the computer cannot access the app. The licence is confusing. Is it possible for her to access the app or is it restricted by the licence or ?? Thanks.
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