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  1. Opened a new document and tried again. It worked fine and didn't need to consider Fill Mode.
  2. If I try Fill Mode>Alternate on the lower shape, shouldn't it be checked? It doesn't seem to register the selection. BTW, when I select Subtract, both shapes disappear!
  3. I didn't have an image open. I'd added a plugin and was checking that it had succeeded. I was expecting to see the choices it offered, but as you say it needs an image open before it takes the final step. All good now. Thanks for your help.
  4. Although I have set the Unknown plugins to be allowed in Paint, when I try to select them in Filters | Plugins, nothing is displayed, i.e. the ellipsis indicating content is unresponsive.
  5. I want to transfer the licences for all my Affinity products to a new PC, but I can't find an uninstall/deregister option in the software. How do I achieve this?
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