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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Community! Question regarding fill layers, selection marquee and masks (in all applications of the suite, but especially in Photo due to my workflow in that app): I often find myself in a situation where I already have an active selection marquee and need to create a fill layer to which I want to apply this selection as a mask. Way to replicate this: With an active selection marquee, navigate to Layer → New Fill Layer. Click on New Fill Layer – the active selection marquee is now gone and an invisible, inaccessible, non-editable mask (?) is created/applied to the fill layer. (Unless I'm missing something). Question: How can I access this mask/delete the automatically generated invisible »mask«? Is there any way to change this behaviour? The Affinity Help mentions nothing about it. And yes, I know there are a few workarounds for this. 😉 For example, plan ahead and create the fill layer first, or select the newly generated fill layer with the invisible mask and convert it into a regular mask, and so on. But this is not always so easy and costs at least a few extra steps that I would like to save myself. Expected behaviour: I would rather have the selection converted and applied as a normal mask to the fill layer or remain an active selection. Cheers and happy weekend Dennis
  2. Tutorials display text boxes easily routinely fulfilled. My own text box, shown in the image, suffers the dreaded NOTHING HAPPENS effect. The cursor moves along as if it's typing with invisible ink. This occurs at the very beginning of a file opened on a simple, inserted image by a simple beginner user.
  3. affinity publisher, how do i select an invisible object? Object is in resource manager and says it is on a certain page When I go to that page it's not there. Toggling "Clip to Canvas" does nothing.
  4. Quick question guys (thanks in advance), to a very elementary question. I've done this before but can't figure what I'm missing to perform it again. I'm simply trying to make the artboard background invisible (screenshot below) but need the logo image to be white (I made it gray so you could see it in the screenshot). I can't remember how to get rid of the background! feeling like a dork, appreciate your help, -Christo
  5. Very small layers (9.5 px dots in my case) vanish from view unless I zoom in. They also don't print from jpegs or pdfs of my file. This feels like a bug. Any solutions?
  6. If I temporarily move an item from the artboard page to the pasteboard, it disappears to the back. I can't find a default that allows it to be permantly seen as in Adobe Illustrator. Advice please.
  7. For instance...If I make a pattern of Stars...and place it within a circle...is there an easy way to cut out all the unused stars not shown on the circle?
  8. hello, When i draw on the bachground,beside the canvas, or move drawing parts from the canvas to the background, everything become invisible. Then I select it by marquee and place on the canvasit become visible again..
  9. I am still acquainting myself more fully with vector design. I was having decent luck with understanding inkscape. But with AD, when i drag object away so I can work with other layers, it becomes invisible and I must reselect and drag it back over to see it again. I'd still like to see it even if not working with it. How do I view object/s I drag off without having to slide back on the "document" page? I could see everything in Inkscape. thanks very much in advance. dolores from ct.
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