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  1. Thank you. 😀 So it’s important to save all my vector files to the cloud first? (have no more storage on desktop). In order to import my work into AD for iPad, I will need to buy more storage first (import from cloud and export to cloud) ? Countless hours creating and editing...is this safe? I was storing all my work on an external drive. thanks again.
  2. My desktop is starting to fail. I have copied thousands of Vector files (.svg, etc including .afdesigns) that I’d like to continue to work on using iPad version Affinity Designer. How do I import into iPad? And where do I save newly edited? Thank you in advance.
  3. Big thanks MEB. very Helpful. THis software has just blown me away. I've been using it for less than a day. Worth every penny. Thanks so much.
  4. MEB….Thank you!! At first I thought I missed a preference option! Good to know. Any way I could see a selection hanging out on the pasteboard around the document? Even an outline selection would be helpful. Thanks again for your response. dolores
  5. I am still acquainting myself more fully with vector design. I was having decent luck with understanding inkscape. But with AD, when i drag object away so I can work with other layers, it becomes invisible and I must reselect and drag it back over to see it again. I'd still like to see it even if not working with it. How do I view object/s I drag off without having to slide back on the "document" page? I could see everything in Inkscape. thanks very much in advance. dolores from ct.
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