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Found 11 results

  1. Usually, I work with multiple layers: one is a trace-over background and then I have a group with design layers (line-work, fills and some other miscellaneous pixel layers). Something like this: I would like to have a 4th option in the Flood fill tool, which is: below, only within current layer/ group. This ensures that my trace-over layer will be discarded when filling, because it is outside of the design layer that I work in.
  2. It would be nice to have gap detection in the flood fill tool. Ideally, you would be able to fill areas that have gaps below a certain, user specifiable threshold.
  3. Hi, I bought Affinity photo for Ipad a few days ago, I am just finding my way around, but have urgent work that I’d like to do. I imported some favorite.abr brushes and Frankentoon brushes that I bought for Affinity designer a while ago. Then tried to use the paint bucket and the app froze. It also distorted all the painting I did on another layer. I quit, even restarted my IPad. No use! Please I am an illustrator, using photoshop and procreate mostly and Designer, but I,ve been so excited to possibly replace photoshop with Affinity photo...? I urgently need this app to work, please help?! My first main action I want to do is the following: (This is what I was checking out when the app just froze! In photoshop, I usually I create a Layer with my line art and then a layer below for colouring. To start, I use the Bucket tool on a below with "Sample All Layers selected” and a 10% tolerance for the basic flat colours. This way I can have my lineart and color separate. How can I do this in Affinty photo? Thanks! Paddy
  4. The flood fill tool is incredibly slow when set to "layers beneath" or "Current layer and below" when something is not closed. I often make sketches and fill with the flood fill tool. Sometimes the sketch is not closed, so the whole image is filled. But this takes up to a MINUTE or sometimes more to fill!! In photoshop this works instant. I work in decent sized images (5000 x 7000) with up to hundred layer or more. Still, photoshop fills instant with a file with over 300 layers. It's been like that since 1.6 (1.9 here).
  5. Hi, I got some serious issues with the Flood Fill Tool (Designer and Photo, also on the last customer beta) When I use the Move Tool to select a pixel layer, and when I switch to the Flood Fill Tool to fill the desired part of the pixel layer, often the input is not registered and I have to click several times in order to get the job done. I tried on several canvas sizes, wacom pencil, mouse and I'm able to reproduce it very easily.
  6. What is the equivalent live paint illustrator command in affinity designer? thank you
  7. Feature Request; Picking a color by just Alt+SingleClick with paint tools without DRAG (paint brush tool, flood fill tool). Sorry my mistake, because of screen recording permissions. please delete this title.
  8. Hi there! I am having issues with the recent update. It seems that the Flood Fill Tool has changed and became super harsh for some reason. It used to be soft and natural. I have used Affinity Designer for almost over a year and it was working perfectly fine until the recent big update. It is a major tool that I use everytime and is a big part of my process so I hope you can help fix the problem somehow? If not, I have to start using Procreate which is ashame since I love this program!! Please help. Thank you!! Regards, Lisa IMG_3797.MOV
  9. Hi all, Would it be possible to add support for the Flood Fill Tool and Flood Select Tool to read all the layers? Cheers, Juan
  10. Hi everyone, i´ve been asked , if there´s a way to use the flood fill tool together with patterns, as you can do with photoshop, just filling in a repettitive pattern.. is this possible ? thanks
  11. Like so many I am new to Affinity, so far I really like it but it is seriously missing some kind of instruction PDF to download. I am trying to figure out how to use the flood filling tool. When I click it I cannot see anything to show me how to choose the colour that I am flooding with. Apologies for the really silly question but this is where a simple instruction sheet would be helpful. Any hints appreciated. :)
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