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  1. Hi Dan, I tried to reply on this forum yesterday, but when I wanted to send, it seemed to block my account. (so frustrating.) 1. I have an iPad pro 12.9inch, 2nd generation 2017 2. iOS 13.3.1 3. The app freezes when I use paintbucket tool and select current layer & below or Layers beneath under "Source" at the bottom menu. 4. I have only experimented as I am familiarizing myself with the app. The distorted painted layer happened after the 1st time when the app froze. I obviously don't want this to happen on my illustrations. Thanks for you assistance!
  2. Hi, I bought Affinity photo for Ipad a few days ago, I am just finding my way around, but have urgent work that I’d like to do. I imported some favorite.abr brushes and Frankentoon brushes that I bought for Affinity designer a while ago. Then tried to use the paint bucket and the app froze. It also distorted all the painting I did on another layer. I quit, even restarted my IPad. No use! Please I am an illustrator, using photoshop and procreate mostly and Designer, but I,ve been so excited to possibly replace photoshop with Affinity photo...? I urgently need this app to work, please help?! My first main action I want to do is the following: (This is what I was checking out when the app just froze! In photoshop, I usually I create a Layer with my line art and then a layer below for colouring. To start, I use the Bucket tool on a below with "Sample All Layers selected” and a 10% tolerance for the basic flat colours. This way I can have my lineart and color separate. How can I do this in Affinty photo? Thanks! Paddy
  3. I have just bought affinty photo for my Ipad. I am an illustrator and have been using photoshop in the same way for quick colouring. I hope Affinty has addresses this issue in the meantime? Is there a way one can do this now? please help? Thanks! Paddy
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