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  1. Thank you both very much for your help. Tried the reset rotation, that seems to be working because you are right, I moved the whole thing rather than an object within. I also tried the manual adjustment, problem is that its darn difficult to get it exact. So the automatic one seems to do what I am looking for.
  2. I have a problem aligning my jpg file. By accident, I must have rotated it slightly when I was using the zoom function on my trackpad. Because of the slight rotation, my text boxes display my text slightly wonky. I have tried several align tips that I have found here but nothing seems to do what I need. What is needed is something that brings the picture back into the true horizontal and vertical again, so that the text boxes look correctly aligned again. Any help much appreciated, especially if it is in plain English ;) I'm not a tekkie :unsure:
  3. I have been working on page for a book. The background is a jpg with text boxes on it. While using my trackpad, zooming in and out, I must accidentily have rotated the image slightly. Now the text in the added boxes is 'off' as it follows the slanting. I cannot seem to get it straight again. I have tried various tips about aligning and snapping but either I am getting it wrong or it isn't meant to do what I want it to do. Any help appreciated, particularly if it is in plain English as I am not a tekkie :wacko:
  4. Thanks for your quick reply, that was exactly what I needed - and in plain English B) Have now managed to do exactly what I wanted. Thanks again :D
  5. I am trying to put a text into a jpg image. When the text box expands (as I write the text) both text and background are black and I cannot figure out how to change either. I thought earlier that I had it figured out but I was clearly wrong. Is there a tutorial that I have missed that would walk me through this as it doesn't work in a logical way that I can just figure out from looking at my options. The help pages didn't yield anything either (or I missed it). I have also looked at some posts about rasterisation, unfortunately that went straight over my head - I am self fought and probably not knowledgeable enough, sorry. Thoroughly frustrated, any help is most appreciated.
  6. I am working on an image that I want to change with a 'lens filter', as if I had used for example a sepia filter or any other colour. To either warm up or cool down the whole image. Like to many I used to work with Photoshop and there was a list of said filters amongst blur, sharpen etc. I might have missed it, :blink: can't find it there, can't find any references that explain where I find them in the help files either and in the affinity tutorials I also come up empty. Any suggestions and links much appreciated :)
  7. Thanks for the help MEB. The file you suggested does not open through the link but I've now checked out the help menu. Originally, I put flood fill tool into the help search but but it didn't return any results, hence my very silly question. Found the menu, its well hidden ;) ! Thanks :) Didn't see the wood for the trees. I'll read the lot it seems to be a bit of a user guide, I probably don't need more than what's there for now. Again, many thanks again for the very fast reply!
  8. Like so many I am new to Affinity, so far I really like it but it is seriously missing some kind of instruction PDF to download. I am trying to figure out how to use the flood filling tool. When I click it I cannot see anything to show me how to choose the colour that I am flooding with. Apologies for the really silly question but this is where a simple instruction sheet would be helpful. Any hints appreciated. :)
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