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Found 10 results

  1. This pic is just an example photo.. But I am trying to cut a woman out of a green forest background. How do you cut out the hair without taking some of the green glow with you? And is it possible to recolour the green parts back to the hairs natural colour with adjustments or too difficult to get it right? I've tried selecting the green bits and playing with sliders but just can't seem to get it right. I have also tried using the background remove brush over the hair but it either doesn't delete enough or it deletes some of the hair too. Any tips? Cheers!
  2. Hello! I work a lot with screen grabs of social media and sometimes I need to quickly cut an image to replace it with another due to copyrights, on the example below I want to grab this selection only and copy to the left to cover the guy's face. On photoshop, usually this shortcut is Control + J (Or CMD+J) But in Affinity Photo is not the case, I've tried to use "Control + C + Control + V" but no dice either, it just copy the whole image. the only way I managed to do this is by clicking on the mask icon, but this is far to slow when you need to do this all the time. So how I do this simple operation on Affinity? Cheers,
  3. Hi, Im struggling to add points to paths I have made, In Illustrator you have the + & - tools to accomplish this. Is there a simple way in Affinity I'm sure there is a very simple solution to this,
  4. Hi Good People Need help. I am totally new and just a beginner. I am learning (I want to learn how to use graphic software for my own). I have a butterfly. I want to take off 1/4 of wings (he has 4 wings - I need one to substract). This one - substracted I want to paste as a new site/page/layer. I was reading all day your suggestions but nothing happens to my butterfly. Please - step by step - show me how to cut out one wing and paste it on another "page" Will appreciate your help very much.
  5. The docs I am creating are simple text docs with small PNG imports (three-page doc). This did not happen on the pre-1.7.0 beta but only on the 1.7.0 beta. I have reported these via the Apple window after a crash but thought I should post them here. These crashes occurred when I deleted a window, when I cut a window to paste it elsewhere and sometimes simply when I moved around in the doc. A related problem is that when I deleted or cut a selected window on page two, everything on page one disappeared. I undo and then cut the text out of the window on the second page and paste it in a window on page one, and the delete the text box. It appears that there is a bug in 1.7.0 beta related to deleting, cutting even saving (a couple times a simple CMD S caused a crash). All of the above is not consistent since at times I can work for some time without problems. As I proceed I will try to keep a better record to pinpoint the pre-crash process. All the best in solving these and other bugs. In spite of these bugs, AfPub is a joy work with.
  6. I'm not exactly sure how to phrase this, so I've been having a hard time finding information in a search. I have an image with a canvas size of 1800 by 2700 pixels. One layer contains a photo that's 5460 x 1698. I'd like to delete all the excess of that photo. Basically everything outside the 1800 x 2700 canvas. I've tried cropping, clipping the canvas, and erasing, but nothing seems to work. (The eraser is not working at all on that layer for some reason.) My file is huge because of all this extra stuff in the background. Is there some simple way of getting rid of it? Does one of the tutorial videos cover this topic?
  7. Hi, I saw a video on Youtube about a work around to "scissor off" a part of a picture in AD (similar to using the knife tool in DrawPlus), but the video was too fast for me to follow hos to do it. It appeared that you could draw a curve a cross a shape and the use deivide operations to cut it into two independent shapes. But when I attempt to do that, the program invariably closes the corve I draw which deforms the cutting in an undesirable way. Can somenone explain to me how to do it?Thanking you in advance, Örjan
  8. Hi, How is it possible to cut a square selection of an image and move it inside the image? I would like to cut a chunck of an image and translate it in another position, within the same image I tried in many ways but without success. That operation is so easy in other apps but in affinity seems impossible. For example If I use the square selection and cut it, all the image is cut out. I cannot understand. Thank you in advance! Pietropaolo
  9. With the picture I uploaded below... I was wondering how to remove the part of the rectangles OUTSIDE the circle on the left.. But at the same time keep the rectangle on the inside of the circle.
  10. Hi there, being a newbie to affinity photo I tried to follow the Affinity Photo-cutting out video with an own photo. Everything went fine, masking was in fact very easy and I succeeded in copying the masked area of the photo. But as I pasted it into another photo, there was no way to resize or turn it in any way, may it a photo or a new Document. It was always pasted without any anchors, where I could turn, resize, move up or down the object. Really annoying compared to what could be seen in the movie, Can anyone give a hint - I viewed the video over and over, looking if I could find any clicked option - nothing to see. Btw. searching the forum I didn't find anything about cutting except for AD. It could be helpful if the questions resp. answers could have a tag AP or AD Greetings from Berlin docesen
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