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  1. sorry! Imagine a picture with some complex shapes in a white background. I would like to select a shape (for example with a square selection tool) and easily move the shape in another place inside the white background. I hope to be more clear. Thank you so much
  2. No, it can be cut out but cannot be moved inside the figure
  3. Yes it works, I would never be able to find this! Thank you
  4. Hi, How is it possible to cut a square selection of an image and move it inside the image? I would like to cut a chunck of an image and translate it in another position, within the same image I tried in many ways but without success. That operation is so easy in other apps but in affinity seems impossible. For example If I use the square selection and cut it, all the image is cut out. I cannot understand. Thank you in advance! Pietropaolo