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  1. Wow. Now understand. Thank You! Hmmm... I saw them all.... but when I need something to do "right now" (just for practising and learning) I am confused and dont know what to do... sorry - I bought two Affinity programs (Publisher - this one is now more clear for me, but of course I need more time to be a ... master haha; Designer - very difficult, because I have no expierience with such software.). I was watching on Youtube many tutorials (made by other people) and all of Affinity "Learn", but my main problem is "nomenclature" (English or even Polish). It is hard to understang for such Masters as You are but I did not know what is e.g layer (needed few hours to understand it, but stiil have problems with it's functionality). The same is with other "words" (nodes, pen, pencil, nest, etc. etc. etc.). But I am very ambitious woman and will cope with it (somehow ). So thank for what You have done for me and your patience and can promise not to disturb You very often haha. Best wishes.
  2. I was lost from 2,50 min; dont know what are you doing... I cant duplicate your moves (I am stupid). Whats more I have "square" points when you have "oval" - i will give up. I was trying ALL day to cope with substructing - no effect....
  3. Thank You very much! I am going to practice this method just right now :). Let You know.
  4. Ok; now I would like to cut only a piece of a wing and have this piece separated with colors of the butterfly. I mean I need one pice with butterfly colors.... What to do? I cutted, but cant paste with original shape and colors into another place.... Thank You in advance! jimmiet_Monarch_Butterfly - next step.afdesign
  5. Hurra I got it Wow! I am so happy - just the first step in understanding software - it takes me few hours, but now I think I am getting the point. Of course I am still very beginner one. jimmiet_Monarch_Butterfly - my first attempt.afdesign hip hip hurra Thank You once again for helping me in understanging the issue!
  6. How to add here the file from Affinity Designer? Cant upload any format (I wanted to show you my worka haha)
  7. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I start to learn now with your instruction and see how i am ... stupid haha. Let you know.
  8. Hi Good People Need help. I am totally new and just a beginner. I am learning (I want to learn how to use graphic software for my own). I have a butterfly. I want to take off 1/4 of wings (he has 4 wings - I need one to substract). This one - substracted I want to paste as a new site/page/layer. I was reading all day your suggestions but nothing happens to my butterfly. Please - step by step - show me how to cut out one wing and paste it on another "page" Will appreciate your help very much.
  9. Thank You. Here in Poland Printer House is the Boss... if you want something from them you need to pay extra. They have their rules and you should obey them. I will try to make a print screen and maybe it will give you all any idea about what i am writting ; Thank you all for your time spare on me ..
  10. Yes gross and net (i was writting too fast without thinking of what i am writting ). This is not my first book so I know what bleed means (I hope so haha), but this is the first time I am trying to work with Apub. Do not know why too; but this is exactly 15,5 mm.... Thank You for answering!. I will check with other dimensions if its still needed to deduct 15,5mm....
  11. You wrote I can ask any question , because this forum is ... to ask them. I was searching my problem in this forum but did not find the answer (maybe its my fault). I have a book 8,5"x11"; I want to change the dimensions to 210x297mm with bleed 3mm, and my printer house says that my netto should be 205x285 (I know - it's its ridiculous) So I am fighting with my printer house, but still have some problems here... From the start: i have put 204mmx 291mm - with added bleed 3mm (to get 210x297mm) - but the final result was much, much bigger. So, i was trying many times to get the brutto. And there is my question: WHY I need to subtract 15,5 mmx15,5 mm to get the right size - 210mmx297mm???
  12. Hi Petar I have SSD. The second one... first has been damaged after power failure. I have add external disc; but I think the BIG problem is with VPN and Avast. Thank You! I cannot even "build" a question... OMG... will be trying - need to open new subject - yes?
  13. dont worry you have an ... ignore function ... dont you 🤣😂🤗
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