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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all! I have bought and use both v1 and v2 Affinity Photo for iPad. I would like to buy and use James Ritson’s (jamesritson.co.uk/resources.html) macros for astrophotography, but seems, I would need a desktop version as well because of macro scripts format differences between iPad and Desktop software. Q1: is there any way to convert .afmacro to .afmacros w/o installing desktop software (my company’s software policies rules doesn’t allow me to install any additional software)? Q2: seems, not all macros for desktop Affinity Photo/Photo2 will run on iPad software version - any way to dermine, what will run, and what - not? What are the limitations of iPad version (comparing with desktop)
  2. RC-Astro StarXterminator and Affinity V2 Mac. I bought the product, but can not get it installed. When you do their Mac Install it loads on my hard drive, but AP does not see it. I have checked use Photoshop plugins (note, I do not have PS). Can sometime help me get this installed? Thanks
  3. I'm processing the publicly available raw images from the James Webb Space Telescope. The raw mono images are taken using different wavelength filters and by assigning different colours to each filter a full colour image produced. The problem I have is that some filters produce images that are half the size of others, so in order to overlay them they have to be stretched then aligned using 'Align Layers by Stars' but I am struggling to get the registration perfect. Is there a better way to stretch and align these images?
  4. I have been doing some testing in stacking pictures I took of the Orion nebula. The pictures are good and the stars are pinpoints. The problem is that I tried all alignment parameters and the result is never aligned. I had high hopes for this function but it doesn't seem to be very good. Stacking is one of the main reasons I bought Affinity Photo, the other being to replace Photoshop Elements. I could always use Deep Sky Stacker but I had great hopes for affinity. I could always try to align manually but that's a lot of work. Anyone has ideas?
  5. I have a stacked image that I created from a video of Jupiter and Saturn. I am new to Affinity Photo so I have a question. Is there a way to select just one the of planets to work on to adjust contrast and brightness etc? In order to get the Saturn Ring, I had to turn up the gain which means Jupiter got overexposed. I would like to treat each planet seperately and process them independantly of each other? 17_14_50_lapl6_ap414.tif
  6. Guest

    Astronomy macros

    Now that I have made the switch to AP I am re-working many of my astrophotography macros. I will share them here with brief instructions and encourage others to share theirs. All my macros are for Windows OS This set of 3 takes the basic individual monochrome filtered R G and B images and converts each into a colour channel. Load each RGB file separately into AP, Run the respective macro and copy the output of each into a single AP layered document, then set the blend mode of each to add This will output a single RGB non white balanced file grey to blue.afmacro grey to green.afmacro grey to red.afmacro
  7. I am still learning my way through AP and have started re-working some of my old images which are now much improved vs my old editing techniques in PS Here is my 1st main attempt using AP This is IC5070 Pelican nebula in Cygnus tone mapped using Sii as Red, Ha as green and Oiii as Blue. 9x5min each colour channel. Stacked and aligned in Astroart, Initial stretching and development in Startools then colour re-combination, balancing, additional tone mapping and sharpening in AP. BTW - AP did these final stages in a fraction of the time PS takes. Clear Skies
  8. For the last three months Nik Szymanek, a renowned astrophotographer, has been running Affinity tuition specifically relating to astrophotography in a magazine called Astronomy Now. Published in Britain it's probably widely available elsewhere but, if you're interested, you can get back numbers by mail order. His enthusiasm for Affinity is what drew my attention to the software. I've just been playing with the trial version using his advice and am pretty impressed.
  9. Hi all, Here the result of a long night chasing the last milky way for this year. It is a stack of 42 shots edited in Affinity photo with develop persona, plus other 2 for the foreground and the person (that's me!) shooting light to the universe. Sky has been stacked in sequator software, than the compositing has been done in AP, with all the fine tune required. 2 little problem found: - developing raw one by one it takes a long time; a method to apply raw settings to the entire group would be very usefull - TIFF exported from AP have something wrong. I faced several errors with them and I don't know why. It seems something well known… (using JPG everything went smooth, but I lost the 16 bit and you know, jpg… bah…) However, here the final result. Hope you like it. Have a great week end, see ya! G:
  10. Hello, did anybody try to use Affinity Photo for even basic astronomical images processing? I started with stacking without dark frames and worked very nicely, how would you apply dark frames and flat fields? Thank you Gaetano
  11. Here's a space related infographic I've been working on. It was all built in Designer.
  12. Here are a few of the illustration that I created for a site I just finished working on. All the final images were SVG files but many of them started with a photo reference or with original art created in Photo. There are a few that were all done in Designer as well. For some of the images (such as the quasar and the fusion image) I also used Flame Painter which is a fractal paint application and would then bring those elements into Photo to composite and adjust them to get the final art. I can go into more of the process if anyone is interested. Cheers! Jeff The Universe from A to Z
  13. When you want a picture of a deep sky object like Orion, you normaly have to expose for a long time with a guided telescope. A simpler way is to take many pictures and stack them to add the information from each picture and get a much brighter one. How should I do this in Affinity? I need to add all the pictures to simulate a longer exposure. This is not HDR or focus stacking, just adding data. Thanks.
  14. Hi all I am new to Affinity and photo editing more generally. I have a few milky way and northern lights photos (in RAW) that I would like to process. I would be grateful if anyone could suggest the key tools to use (including any compatible plug ins) - I particularly like the lighting effect on the Affinity website of the northern lights. Many thanks Andrew
  15. This is an astonomy-based question ... In an image, If I select an object with a lasso, a nebula for example ... but I want to use curves on everything except the nebula ... how do I invert the selection so that only the background would be processed. Im sure it can be done, but I cant figure out how. Thanks for reading.
  16. The first in a series of space exploration themed posters featuring quotes from Carl Sagan.
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