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  1. Yes, this is what I currently do, actually I am trying DeepSkyStacker.
  2. Yes, I fully understand how specific it is to work on astronomical images but I feel that Affinity Photo is few steps away from providing a basic support for the typical workflow. Stacking works very well, I made some quick tests with star field sequences and was quite satisfied, having a way to apply dark frames and flat fields to each frame would make the astronomy newbie quite happy.
  3. Hi IanSG, I do agree with you. For the little I know, dark frames should be subtracted from the light frames so I think this could be achieved by proper layer merge. Don't know how exactly deal with flat fields, maybe somebody out there can help
  4. Hello, did anybody try to use Affinity Photo for even basic astronomical images processing? I started with stacking without dark frames and worked very nicely, how would you apply dark frames and flat fields? Thank you Gaetano
  5. Thank you Kodiak! Now I just need to find a gentle bird willing to fly the right way... :D
  6. Hi, I stepped into this thread while spending some spare time reading news about Affinity Photo and didn't want to miss the chance to say that the shots are really beautiful, they give much of the taste of wild life. I dare asking if you can give the exposure parameters for photos 9 and 10, I like a lot the little dynamism of the wings Thank you
  7. Hy guys, do we have any news about this greatly-desired-wished-requested new application from Serif?
  8. Thanks guys, this is very good software, my very best compliments!
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