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Found 9 results

  1. The error "The data area passed to a system call is too small" can appear when trying to run Affinity V2 on Windows. This issue is related to how Affinity V2 installs into the WindowsApps folder and Microsoft SQL Server. The below KB update from Microsoft should resolve the issue: https://support.microsoft.com/topic/kb4073393-fix-the-data-area-passed-to-a-system-call-is-too-small-error-when-you-start-a-desktop-bridge-application-on-a-sql-server-5ae0994d-023a-d32b-3aad-526500b53993
  2. If you're trying to install the Affinity Store or Microsoft Store version of Affinity on Windows and it's failing with the following reason: Windows cannot install package ... because a different package ... with the same name is already installed. Remove package ... before installing. (0x80073cf3) This indicates that there's already an existing version of the app installed. An example of this would be downloading and installing V2 directly from the Affinity Store and then trying to install Affinity V2 again directly from the Microsoft Store. You can go to Apps > Apps & features to see if you have an existing version installed. Please Note: Because of this behavior it's not possible to have both the Affinity Store and Microsoft Store versions of Affinity V2 apps installed alongside each other on the same device.
  3. If you've purchased add-ons from the Affinity Store, please read the following guide on how to install them into your Affinity V2 app(s): https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/store/resources-install-guide/
  4. Long ago I purchased AffPhoto and AffDesigner at the AppStore but later bought AffPub at the Affinity Store. I am up to date with all three apps from these two locations. I often use the first two above via the persona choice within the third. However, it now appears that the first two apps above need to registered (see snap below with question marks in the doc where tthe icon of these two apps should appear), but of course I cannot do this via the Affinity Store and the AppStore say that I'm up to date. Question: Does the snap below mean that there is a disconnect between AffPub and the other two app? Is it a matter of registering the two? If so, how do I reconcile the different purchase sites so that I do not continually have this problem? Affinity has rescued me from Adobe's "dungeon," and thus I'm happy to purchase new copies of any of the apps in order to solve this problem
  5. If you purchased your Affinity app from the Affinity Store, your licence details will be stored in an .xml file which can be found in the below locations, depending on the operating system you're using. Deleting the Licence.xml file will remove the licence details used by the app prompting you to re-enter your licence details when you next launch the app. Windows: C:\ProgramData\Affinity\{APPNAME}\1.0\licence.xml or C:\Program Files\Affinity\{APPNAME}\licence.xml macOS: /Users/{USERNAME}/Library/Group Containers/6LVTQB9699.com.seriflabs/{APPNAME}/licence.xml If you're having problems navigating to one of the the above folders, try the following: On Windows: Open the Run window ( Win + R ) and enter the above path or use the address bar in File Explorer enter the above path and press Enter. On macOS: Open Finder and press SHIFT + CMD + G and enter the above path.
  6. I ordered and paid for a hard copy of the Workbook on 1st April. I was told you were waiting for a reprint and that the order would be fulfilled by "early May". I still have not received my copy. When can I expect it? Thanks Gillfranco
  7. Hello! I have a similar problem! Yesterday I bought Affinity Designer in the Appstore for my Macbook Pro. But it does not work correctly. After I deleted and tried to install the trial version that I downloaded from the site. And it works great. How can I get a stable version from the site?
  8. Hi, when I click on Place order with paypal it says : We’re sorry but something went wrong while placing your order. If you continue to see this message, please contact our customer support operatives who will be able to assist you further. EDIT: What a great community, such a fast response from no one, cant even buy products and also I need one account for affinity and one for forum.............
  9. I wanted to purchase Affinity Photo and waited for the Black Friday sale. Recently Microsoft Store had this on sale and I purchased it as soon as I can. Only after that I found out that purchasing on the Microsoft store has some differences than purchasing from Affinity Store although this was not stated anywhere except the forums. Now Affinity Store also has a sale and I've already purchased from Microsoft store. Although I have read the forums on this issue, I request that Serif can take this up this matter for people who genuinely purchased this from app stores and did not know it's limitations. Truly appreciate if Serif can look into this model and provide an option for users options to hop into affinity store. My situation is, I am a single user who has multiple PC's with different Microsoft accounts/without Microsoft accounts. Since my purchase is tied to my Microsoft account, I cannot use them on my laptop/other PC's. Honestly, at this point I don't even mind paying a fee to move to affinity store to obtain a product key instead of having to purchase a complete new product.
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