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  1. I can not update the program because do not see the purchased version in my downloads. It says that I have loaded test trial. although I bought a license. There is an activation code, but there is no update.
  2. I finally figured out the problem. Understand the real reason. Maybe in the future it will be eliminated, but for now I will tell for those who may have a similar problem. I decided to create a new Mac account and then it all worked. But then I found out that the reason is in the installed fonts. Apparently the fonts replace the system font of the application and then it starts to work nekkorektno. I hope this will help those who face the same problem.
  3. In the Appstore they say that they cannot return the payment for this purchase. And when I try to choose the option “Applications do not work properly” they send me to you - “If you have difficulty using the application, contact its developer directly, he may be able to offer a specific solution to your problem. Click the Developer Website button to go to the developer support page.” This is a vicious circle. How do I get a stable working version?
  4. I pointed out when I install the trial version everything works fine. But when I install with the appstore these problems appear. All other applications work fine. I have the latest version of macOs Mojave 10.14.1
  5. Many alerts in the program are not displayed correctly, I tried to change languages, but this does not solve the problem. I also cannot save any files to my computer or cloud, he writes a resolution problem, but these problems are not in the trial version, which I received the site.
  6. No, I did not move the program anywhere. I have completely deleted the program several times and cleaned the cache, but still the problem persisted. Now I will send you a picture with problems.
  7. P.S I wanted to buy the program on the site, but the site automatically redirected me to the appstore. It is not normal that you have different versions on your personal site and in the appstore. Please fix this problem. Otherwise, I will have to leave negative feedback everywhere.
  8. Hello! I have a similar problem! Yesterday I bought Affinity Designer in the Appstore for my Macbook Pro. But it does not work correctly. After I deleted and tried to install the trial version that I downloaded from the site. And it works great. How can I get a stable version from the site?
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