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  1. Hi @walt.farrell, thank you for your input on this 1. Yes, of course I own both of them and understood how the licensing works. 2. I've just found out that this is possible by temporarily signing into the laptop to install the app. Therefore yes, this is possible and this solved my issue. However, I just hope that perhaps some clear distinction somewhere on the site will help future customers who intends purchase the application. Anyways, I appreciate your thoughts on this and thanks again as your suggestion really helped.
  2. I understand that, and that's why I'm requesting Serif to make it clear on their site instead of having customers being disappointed after the purchase. Also, it's not like I'm choosing not to use Microsoft store. I have a PC and a laptop. PC is logged in under my Microsoft account and laptop is under my wife's account. However I use the laptop when I'm out. So its unfortunate that I cannot install them on my laptop now. Again, I understand that Serif does not have mechanism now to solve such issues although its raised a few times already in this forum. Hopefully there's a better way to avoid this in the future and also perhaps they can think of a way such as charging a fee to issue a new copy to app store users through affinity store.
  3. @MEB You're right and I understand that but all the PC's has to be logged in with my Microsoft account. I do have a laptop that I don't want to log in my Microsoft account. So this is not a rare issue, its a common issue that I'm requesting Serif to look into..
  4. I wonder if I'm going to face similar issues later down the road due to this mismatch of versions offered by Serif through different stores.
  5. Yea, that's exactly what's needed but at this point I think they should also address the concerns of customers who decided to support and purchase this product but eventually we just get the same answers through this forum that licences cannot be transfered. It's a legitimate issue and it's really not a monetary or pricing issue here. I hope they will look into this seriously..
  6. I wanted to purchase Affinity Photo and waited for the Black Friday sale. Recently Microsoft Store had this on sale and I purchased it as soon as I can. Only after that I found out that purchasing on the Microsoft store has some differences than purchasing from Affinity Store although this was not stated anywhere except the forums. Now Affinity Store also has a sale and I've already purchased from Microsoft store. Although I have read the forums on this issue, I request that Serif can take this up this matter for people who genuinely purchased this from app stores and did not know it's limitations. Truly appreciate if Serif can look into this model and provide an option for users options to hop into affinity store. My situation is, I am a single user who has multiple PC's with different Microsoft accounts/without Microsoft accounts. Since my purchase is tied to my Microsoft account, I cannot use them on my laptop/other PC's. Honestly, at this point I don't even mind paying a fee to move to affinity store to obtain a product key instead of having to purchase a complete new product.
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