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Found 22 results

  1. The guide refuses to turn off, once you activate it. I turned it off before exiting the project. Then when I launch project again, the guide is back on. This is occurring with multiple images that I used guide. This is truly annoying. If anyone knows a fix… i’ll take it! I hope devs are aware. All my software is up to date. I’m on iPad Pro 12.9 2020 model, rebooting iPad does not fix issue. IMG_0325.MOV
  2. I’m following this video, see how color dodge affected her clouds layer (timestamped video) and then see my horrendous result after: So why is my color dodge doing this? FullSizeRender.MOV Pretty much this ugly thing right here is what my color dodge is producing: The color dodge in the video produced this: Is this a bug? this is my file: space scene.afphoto
  3. I’m following a photoshop tutorial, but 80% of what I know in Affinity Photo is from following Rikard’s photoshop tutorials on his Nucly youtube channel, been learning this way for over a year now. With that out of the way… here’s my issue: His gradient only fills up the x and y axis dimensions of the line he creates (this is what I am trying to accomplish): FullSizeRender.MOV My fill tool (gradient) is disrespectful… it takes up the ENTIRE screen, instead of just the x and y dimensions of my line, I’ve also tried linear, radial,.. etc. None of these help: FullSizeRender.MOV At first I thought this issue of the gradient filling up the entire screen was occurring, due to fill context option, selected on the lower left: So I then chose line context and nothing happens when I tap, long press or swipe my apple pencil along the screen to draw out a line, instead I’m greeted by a green line and a green dot. I even tried adding a pixel layer put a marquee rectangle on it, created the gradient within the marquee rectangle, and I’m greeted with a HARD EDGE (and it’s on soft light blend, it only gets worse on screen or overlay): Is it possible… to get the gradient to just fill up the x and y dimensions of my line… just like the first video in my thread? FYI: blend don’t work whether soft light, screen or overlay… does not help, because the gradient is still covering up my entire screen. I HOPE this is me lacking know how, instead of an app limitation. Any help appreciated, thanks. If needed, file to the project: Depth Tutorial.afphoto
  4. I could swear there use to be resource area in these forums, I was going to post this question there, but can’t find that section. My bad mods, if this question does not belong here. I’m looking for brushes whether paid or free that will allow me to paint textures that look like this: (low quality image sorry) think brushes that can produce: muscle striations, wide bumps, brain matter or cells from biology: Thanks!
  5. This presented at WWDC June 6th 2022 (about an hour ago) as of this posting This seems to be a system wide api, can affinity photo use this api, to easily allow us separate images we want from their backgrounds? This seems powerful to me. I rather this way, than selection tool. You guys can decide for yourselves: (Video is timestamped)
  6. Hey there! I would like to extend the background of a picture. I already did this several times with the PC version of affinity photo and I knew that this was similar with the ipad version in the past where the selection tool was not part of a own persona. But at this point I am out of ideas…. How I tried to extend: New file and placing the picture within the photo persona (picture smaller than the canvas) Changing to selecting persona and selecting a part of the background which should be extended. Changing back to the photo persona and trying to „grab“ the selecting with the move-tool. But not the selection made before is taken to the move control, the complete picture is „grabbed“ by the tool. This is also happening when selecting the move-tool from the selection persona like shown on the picture attached. Appreciate your feedback and help
  7. Followed along this Photoshop Tutorial on Affinity Photo iPad: My Follow Along Piece: I cannot seem to nail that beautiful searing orange, rim light Rikard has on his orb. It’s like a very soft white glow within the orange glow. If somebody can figure that out, please show me how you did it! Original Photo: In good conscious, I cannot place all the assets here, Rikard Rodin offers them for free through his youtube, just check description in the video.
  8. These are not my brushes, but if it’s ok with serif mods for me to post this, enjoy guys: I picked them up they work on Affinity Photo iPad and video below confirms brushes works with affinity designer. Site Link Shows off some of the brushes:
  9. Followed along with this photoshop tutorial on iPad Pro My follow along piece: Original: I cannot place all assets due to this being a Rikard Rodin tutorial, however the assets are free via link in video description
  10. Followed this photoshop tutorial: My Study Along Piece: Original: I cannot upload all of the assets, due to this being Rikards course. There is a link in the description, to access all assets for free.
  11. Watching this guide and even quite a few others, I keep running into a cool filter effect, that’s produced by a filter called “Adobe Camera Raw Filter” is there anything like this in Affinity Photo for iPad? This effect is incredible!!! makes everything pop* , Timestamped the link below, so you can see what I am referring to.
  12. Followed this tutorial on Affinity Photo iPad: My Version: Originals: can’t place the guy here, don’t have rights.. (I got that from my envato elements subscription)
  13. Not working for me. I have checked affinity photo settings, and noticed two finger tap & three finger tap options are no longer in there, if I recall correctly, they use to be there prior to 1.10.1? . Some issues I have stumbled upon: 1. Three finger tap no longer executes redo. Instead, the redo and undo buttons appear above screen when I three finger: 2. When I tap the on screen, undo & redo buttons - nothing happens: 3. I even disabled the toggle for “show redo, undo buttons” to see if this somehow brought back the three finger tap functionality, which it didn’t and the buttons still appeared above screen even though i disabled the toggle: 4. I even checked the iPad settings directly to see if serif placed the options in there (some games do that now) nothing is there: Is this a issue known? or did Serif remove the three finger tap redo feature outright for 1.10.1? Troubleshooting I have tried: closed out the app and re-launched rebooted my ipad running ipad os 15 running affinity photo 1.10.1
  14. Solved: Global has to be set at 100% therefore allowing the independent handles to be adjusted via decreasing or increasing radius & power. Strange way to go about this for me. Needing the global middle man to mitigate this deal. Photoshop tutorial i’m following, they just apply a handle and from there they increase or decrease the blur values, without requiring a global value having to be maxed out, in order for the handles to activate and perform blur functions. Seems longer this way. Solved! FullSizeRender.mov iPad Specs: iPad Pro 2020 Model iPad OS 15.0.2 4gig ram 1tb of free hard drive space Issue: Field Blur handles are not working via it’s independent radius & power controls. Global works fine. Field Blur handle & radius rules:(see red arrow in image below) Video clip: (radius not working for independent handle, but global works fine) FullSizeRender.mov
  15. Got the course from this site: https://kevincarden.gumroad.com/l/WlvZzB My Piece: Originals:
  16. Specs iPad Pro (2020 Model) 12.9” iPad OS 15 Affinity Photo 1.10.1 Still learning… framing of composition to guide the eyes rim lighting atmosphere mood Grateful to have this on my iPad. Look forward to the future powerful updates Serif has in store. My Piece: The Originals:
  17. I'm working in Affinity Photo for iPad right now. I have my files stored in Google Drive. I opened a mockup and proceeded to place 12 files, one at a time. I got to the 10th one and then it froze. Google Drive just disappeared. I could see it but when I clicked on it, it was empty. My other cloud drives (e.g. iCloud) are there and I can see the files inside. I'm not sure if this is a Google Drive issue or Affinity issue. I shut the iPad down and restarted and now all is back to normal but I'm nervous about investing more time in learning Affinity. I've told myself to give it a month of working with Affinity to see if it will be the suite for me, but I'm just running into issues that have me 2nd guessing. I pull myself out of one issue or find a work around for some missing feature but then turn around and there's something else. Now if Affinity just doesn't work well with Google Drive, can someone let me know? Would it be better to use iCloud? I really want to access the files I have in the cloud instead of transferring them to the iPad files folder and them using them. So what is the best workflow for using the Affinity apps with the iPad? Thanks
  18. Found this on YouTube. If this has been posted, my apologies. Just wanted to give back to the community that has given me plenty. The following guide, most definitely speeds up workflow. I can confirm what the video below depicts - works on Affinity Photo iPad. Some small alterations are required. Following below steps are performed after tracing removal areas (See video for Kathryn tracing fence...) 1) Go to SELECTION PERSONA, tap the 3 dots. 2) Choose selection from layer. (Bottom of drop down) 3) Go back to PHOTO PERSONA 4) Select “BOTH” layers. (The painted pixel layer & the image layer) 5) Go to in-painting brush 7) Manually paint over 😎 Done!
  19. In Affinity Photo for iPad is there a method to make a border around the outer perimeter of 5 pixels on all sides of the image and feather the inner edges for 2 or 3 pixels. I was able to do this in PS on my desktop, an example embedded below. There is another mobile app that can simulate this very closely but it would be preferable to stay in the Affinity app for this finishing touch. If this is possible I’d like to save it as a preset to apply quickly to all finished images and they will have different dimensions. It is possible to make a border in the Fx feature but I see no method to feather all the inside edges. Thanks
  20. Does the iPad version of affinity photo levels adjustment has the ability to show highlight or shadow clipping Similiar to the desktop version when the alt/opt key is press. Is there a gesture available on the iPad that allow this. thanks
  21. Can´t open Affiity Photo iPad files (from iCloud) in desktop app. "Can´t open file. This file version is not supported by this affinity-version" ("Die Dateie ließ sich nicht öffnen. /pfad/... Die Dateiversion wird von dieser Affinity Version nicht unterstützt.") Desktop: Version 1.16.11, iPad: 1.8.2 Thanks for your help!
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