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  1. I have noticed the same thing happen to me. I edited a picture last night and then got the same message while trying to open the picture today. I am able to duplicate the picture, but can’t save it. My app crashes just as yours did. I also have noticed that some raw images that I use with highpass have some odd things happen too. Pictures don’t turn gray, blend modes either don’t work or only darken the image, changing exposure or saturation can’t be done as well after attempting highpass. This might only be with Canon’s raw images though (CR3). I really hope we can figure this problem out soon for us.
  2. I did try that and it sadly didn’t work. And you are right, but Microsoft is getting better in some areas... slowly.
  3. Yes, it’s working on your iPad. Does your iPad duplicate ok too? This strange problem started for me yesterday. What generation of iPad do you have? I have the the iPad Pro that was released last year. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  4. On the iPad version of Affinity Photo I noticed a recent issue with highpass. I didn’t notice it turning my picture gray like it normally did. I tried multiple things to see what the problem was, but none worked. I tried undoing highpass and recreating the duplicate, but it didn’t work. I restarted Affinity Photo, opened the afphoto again, and redid my first attempt to fix it, but it didn’t work, I restarted my iPad then, opened Affinity Photo, opened the picture to work on, created a duplicate, and then tried highpass again. I still saw that the picture wasn’t gray. I went ahead and tried to see if the blends would work and they did, but not as normal. All the blends except for erase made the picture darker in different ways, such as, shadows, highlights, or even the whole picture. Highpass is to help make the picture look sharper not darker. I also noticed after finding the best blend mode I could find that nothing else I did to help the dark shadows of the blend I used worked. Not shadows/highlights, not contrast/brightness, not even exposure worked on neither duplicate or the original picture. Please help me find the solution to my problem or bug Serif, thanks.
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