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  1. You all talked me into it. I got Procreate to draw with. Not bad at all and has a fairly simple interface. Plenty of good brush tools. Love the color wheel disc, classic, harmony, value and pallets. I use Affinity Photo for photo work. It has a plethora of adjustments and tools. However it still does not recognize a ProRaw file properly. It initially renders either too bright or too dark. This is the future so it would be good to see an update specifically for this.
  2. In the Photo Persona open the Documents menu. Down near the bottom you will see Assistant. Open that and you will find the raw engine choices. Mine shows bottom left in portrait mode. So you’ll have to open a jpeg or some other non raw file to get to the raw engine menu in Photo Persona/Assistant.
  3. Thanks, got it in Readle Documents now to reference. Looks good!
  4. You are really going to like your new setup. That is fantastic. Affinity makes huge apps and the power of your setup will handle them beautifully. I found Affinity Photo to have a bit of a learning curve too. I used to use Photoshop so that really helped but it did take me about 7 weeks to find all the features and methods for what I do. I would suspect Affinity Designer to have a learning curve too. I’m a serious photographer so Photo is something I use for that but I did find two methods to draw and paint in Affinity Photo so I figured Procreate would not be of benefit in my case.
  5. Odd, I’m not seeing any of that. Dodge and burn shows brush strokes immediately with no lag here. Good luck.
  6. I should add I use Affinity Photo for drawing at times, like today. The pencil strokes do not lag and it is a great drawing experience.
  7. I recently went from an iPad 6 to an iPad Air 4 and am blown away by the increased performance. The iPad Air 4 doubles the RAM and the A14 Bionic processor chip is amazing. I got the Apple Pencil 2 with it and am super pleased. Running Affinity Photo is a very stable and smooth experience. Haven’t used a desktop or laptop for 6 years now and don’t miss them one bit.
  8. Funny because I edited a ProRae file yesterday, hit develop and almost immediately remembered the forgotten perspective adjustments. Yes, you have to go back to the start line as the developed file can’t be a raw ever again. Happens to everyone. Lol
  9. I’ve noticed recently that mine doesn’t save selected commands either.
  10. Changing to the Serif raw engine seems to be somewhat better but still not what I’d call right or totally acceptable on opening in the Develop Persona.
  11. Lol, my bad. I’ve never owned a Mac and have not used any kind of desktop in 5 years. That’s why I stick exclusively to the iPad forum here. However when trying to figure this out I did see a desktop explanation and believe that there is an hourglass symbol at the top that is the assistant but don’t know if that is enabled normally. If Tony can find that I believe that will lead him to the Raw Engine choices. Any Mac users are welcome to chime in.
  12. Hi Tony. Make sure you are in the Photo Persona, not the Develop Person where a Raw image opens. That’s why my search was so difficult. Here is a screenshot. Tell me if you need more of a description. When you tap the Assistant a dialogue box will appear with many options. Look down near the bottom left. This seemed to really help with how a ProRaw opens. I’m still experimenting.
  13. Found it in the Photo Persona, second to the bottom in the Command menu called Assistant. It is in that dialogue box.
  14. Fantastic update with version 1.9 for Affinity Photo. It does say in the help menu under Raw and what’s new that Apple ProRAW is supported but still opens far too bright and overexposed looking. It also says one can choose from Apple’s raw engine or Serif’s raw engine but I can’t discover where to toggle between the two. Can anyone help with the path to find this feature? I did register the product and received two sets of brushes from the Serif Labs Affinity store.
  15. Every other app that is now working well with the new ProRaw format has had to update their apps to utilize the new Apple algorithms so it’s not a far stretch to think that Affinity needs to do the same. None of those other apps worked until they did the update process themselves. New proprietary Apple tools and algorithms appeared only with the update for iOS 14.3, something none of them had prior even with my iPhone and iPad updated to 14.3. Looks like a necessary in app update.
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