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  1. Thank you, with your help I was able to get it done. I ended up turning everything off except for 'object geometry'
  2. the cliche, I have tried everything comes to mind. It will snap to the first couple points of like a star per sey. As long as the object is selected. But the it will stop snapping to any other points. It should snap to any point. Any setting that are specific for this. I'm make 3d shapes from two stars one in front of another and offset. In the image I have the pen tool right in the corner where the arrow is, but the pen tools says it would rather me put a node where the yellow box is instead. I have already made the two dark blue edges but not the long one. As you can see the line I made at the bottom then it stops snapping after this normally I just put up with it.
  3. I find myself liking to make shapes by spawning a square converting to curves then I will add a point and drag it to when I want it like if I'm tracing something. My brain tells me this is better than making a million literal curves every where. but is it true like it instead of a curve I use three points instead? And is my technique going to spaz out at some point?
  4. johnnT

    NEIN - a book of German signs

    Oh I like I it. Is that a real book or Affinity shop? I can't tell really. i like this because I want to make a point and click game with designer I like this realistic look.
  5. It's really annoying and I don't remember it always doing that. But I just duplicate something and "send it to the back" or "all the way down" underneath the background layer and lock it too. Then it work normal.
  6. johnnT

    NEIN - a book of German signs

    Just Curious are you saying no to German signs or is that a common sign in Germany?