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  1. cathcarter

    Can’t save as PSD or TIFF

    I have tried this and it is working now, I have updated iOS 11 twice since I asked you to look at it so that probably took care of it, thank you.
  2. cathcarter

    Can’t save as PSD or TIFF

    Hello .. is anyone out there?
  3. cathcarter

    Can’t save as PSD or TIFF

    Hi guys .. i am still waiting to hear something about this. Anything new?
  4. cathcarter

    Can’t save as PSD or TIFF

    btw .. I am able to upload as psd to iCloud in Pixelmator.
  5. cathcarter

    Can’t save as PSD or TIFF

    Hello .. I have deleted and reinstalled .. no change. I tried to “save a copy” but I can’t even do that. When the save is in progress I can see the iCloud files listing come up for an instant and then everything goes white; the same thing happens in the export dialogue. From my point of view this is looks like an iCloud issue .. I am able to save jpegs to my camera roll. I have attached the original file if that helps. 4472C92F-6964-4BFF-9C8D-ED59AC7C509B.dng
  6. I cannot export my files as psd or tiff. When I try, all I get is a white screen of death. I begin with a DNG file, edit it, and then try to export. 10.5 inch iPad Pro, 512Gb. ios 11.2
  7. cathcarter

    Applying Gaussian Blur to Selection

    These are DNG files from my Leica Q .. 24mp. Thanks so much for the help!
  8. cathcarter

    Applying Gaussian Blur to Selection

    On yet another image, however, I first used a brightness filter and then tried to select an area and AP crashed.
  9. cathcarter

    Applying Gaussian Blur to Selection

    Good question .. I just tried another image and it worked perfectly. I only turned on B/A to show you that nothing was happening. Very odd!
  10. I am having trouble trying to apply Gaussian Blur to a selection. I select the area to blur, refine it, and then apply the blur but nothing happens. About half the time Photo crashes. I am using an iPad Pro 2 with 512 Gb. See the screenshot. Thanks, Catherine
  11. Thanks, everyone. So do you still want an image? I am happy to send one.
  12. I cannot open my Sony a7rii raw files from iCloud .. Photo crashes every time. I am able to open the same files in iPad Pixelmator. I have a 9.7" iPad Pro with 256Gb (max) memory. Thanks for the help!
  13. Hello .. I just downloaded Affinity Photo for iPad .. I am running it on an iPad Pro. So far it seems terrific except for one thing .. it appears that the import to Affinity Photo is grabbing only the jpeg from my DNG file. (I am uploading on the iPad from an SD card.) When I look at the metadata studio it tells me that my image is 1620x1080. If I look at the image in Apple Photos on the Mac after uploading on the iPad it also tells me that the image size is 1620 x 1080 px but the file size is 44.4 Mb. When I upload directly to my Mac I get the full resolution DNG. How can I force Affinity Photo to use the DNG and not the JPEG?

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