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  1. Well, I just checked the Moment app and it is updated. Hurray! I also downloaded Pixelmator photo (the pro version. ) it looks pretty sophisticated (although not up to affinity’s level.
  2. Thanks for the info. I have used that app and I will give it a try again. I am waiting on Moment to update their app. That has been my favorite for a while now.
  3. My biggest complaint about the iPhone as a camera has been the lack of dynamic range. Now apple says we will have 14 stops. I am anxious to see what it will do. The iPhone will never replace my Leica but it will be so convenient!
  4. I have worked with raw images for nearly 20 years (since the beginning, in fact).. here I am simply reporting my experience. I agree that it will only take an update. Affinity .. when is this update coming?
  5. I just tried an image in iPad Lightroom. It was a huge difference .. if anything, it was a tiny bit dark but I would rather have that than overexposed!
  6. Thanks for the info, GrinningShark. So far I am only working on the iPad. I am going to check out Adobe in a little while.
  7. Apple ProRAW images are loaded much overexposed.. Adobe reports the same issue although I have not tested it there yet. Will this be fixed soon? Thanks!
  8. I have tried this and it is working now, I have updated iOS 11 twice since I asked you to look at it so that probably took care of it, thank you.
  9. Hi guys .. i am still waiting to hear something about this. Anything new?
  10. btw .. I am able to upload as psd to iCloud in Pixelmator.
  11. Hello .. I have deleted and reinstalled .. no change. I tried to “save a copy” but I can’t even do that. When the save is in progress I can see the iCloud files listing come up for an instant and then everything goes white; the same thing happens in the export dialogue. From my point of view this is looks like an iCloud issue .. I am able to save jpegs to my camera roll. I have attached the original file if that helps. 4472C92F-6964-4BFF-9C8D-ED59AC7C509B.dng
  12. I cannot export my files as psd or tiff. When I try, all I get is a white screen of death. I begin with a DNG file, edit it, and then try to export. 10.5 inch iPad Pro, 512Gb. ios 11.2
  13. These are DNG files from my Leica Q .. 24mp. Thanks so much for the help!
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