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Found 12 results

  1. I'm just wondering ... I have 10+ years work in CorelDraw (I've had an Adobe Illustrator license too, but somehow I never liked AI). So now I want to switch to Affinity Designer. But apparently I can't just go and open my old .cdr CorelDraw files. I'd have to convert them to .ai Adobe Illustrator files (and potentially lose line widths etc, anyway it's a tedious extra step). Are there any plans to have Designer open .cdr files?
  2. Hello, i used CorelDraw X7 until now. I know, there are different ways to export files to edit them in Affinity Designer. I'm having a problem importing text. Some text is importted as text, but other parts are imported as vectors. This means, i can't edit this text any more. This happens in any file format like PDF or SVG. Any idea, how i can import all text as text? Thanks.
  3. In this video, we have shown how to export EPS files in the Affinity Designer for Coreldraw and Illustrator.
  4. Hi Can the designer import coreldraw files? If I switch to this software, I would need to import lots of files. Thanks
  5. Hi all, I'm going to attach a video that I made of me using CorelDraw. I created a text block with three lines on it. I then selected it and pressed control and K. This breaks the three lines into three individual objects. I then select one of those lines of text and press control and K again. This breaks it into words. That key combination again breaks a word into individual letters. At the end of the video I moved from the Pick Tool to the Shape Tool which are analogous to the Move Tool and Node Tool in Affinity Designer. Using the Shape Tool I can pick a node next to any of the letters within a line of text and move it around in order to fine tune the placing. I do a lot of punk rock style design work and it's really nice to be able to mess with the leading in this way. Is there any chance that Affinity could bring something like this? It would make a huge difference for me and I'm sure the others. Thanks I look forward to people's thoughts. Phil PS sorry for the Renegade Soundwave playing on the video. I forgot that my computer would record that. My wife pointed out that it is indeed a renegade soundwave. ScreenHunter 01.mp4
  6. As a veteran Corel Draw user, after 48 hours i immediately found Affinity Desinger truly fascianating. Its fast, smooth and im glad Affinity adopts solutions from Illustrator and Corel too, and im expremely happy that AFD is available for Windows already. I would be ready to change my workflow to continue daily work with Affinity only but there are few things i really miss. Please consider to implement these things: - Swatches part1: To me its awfully slow to choose the right colour of fill/stroke to an object. This is what i truly hate in Illustrator too. In CorelDraw there is a very simple way to do that: Palettes are always visible on the right side of the screen - RGB, CYMK or any palettes you want. Left click to fill, right click to stroke. It makes the procedure lightning fast. - Swatches part2: There is no way to work comfortably with swatches (saying as a Corel user). I would love to see them all the time on the side, and use the colour wheel only if its neccessary. Also i really wanna know what colour im actually using on an object. CorelDraw is amazing in that case. See the attached picture. Working with text: In Corel there is an option to move each letter independently in the letter boksz with the Shape Tool. As far as i know there is no option for that in AFD yet. These may seem small things, but it truly fastens the process while working on a complex graphic, without clicking a bunch of times across the screen. If u could make these options available somehow im sure more and more users would be ready to change to Affinity. Thanks and respect for your brilliant work, Dear Affinity Team!
  7. Hey guys, Make the Affinity Designer able to import filesfrom CorelDraw (CDR files), because Corel has many users on the Windows platform, maybe we are more in number than the total users of Adobe Illustrator throughout the Mac platform.
  8. Before critsism ... i did now few smaller projects with AffinityDesigner - and i am still happy - thanks! I work more on „scientific/technical“ things, rather than painting projects. So, may be, i have a little different point of view. Most of the things i missed in the beginning i almost found. What is left? -shift duplicates please if i produce some dublicates, i don't see, that ther is on ore 2 ...ore12 - if the dublicates would be placed close beneath teh origin, it is easier to handle ... - no 4-key shortcuts, (I almost realized, it is easy to change.) just a suggestion from a usability freak - if possible: a great deal would be to import Corel Draw files. I dont know, where the users com from, but i know a lot of people, who work with CorelDraw. I have thousands of plans, diagrams, mindmaps and so on . If could open them .... from specially interest, because old CD versions (14 and younger) do not work with Win10! So there is a graet chance in winning these users, who are unlikely to pay the Corel fees ... I hope thei helps for proceeding in this great project! Sincerly, Kai Paul
  9. hi all, i have a question that i hope you might be able to solve: when i export my afdesign files to eps and my supplier opens them with coral draw, the size changes, e.g. from the original 120x120cm to 90x90cm. this happens all the time and neither he or i can explain why that happens - anyone got an idea?
  10. I'm posting some new topics on things I feel are missing in AD. I use Xara Designer as my workhorse since it exists, but I really want to replace it -- seems the new company is focusing less and less in the professional market. I also use CorelDraw, Illustrator (with my students) and and even Inkscape now and then. So about the Layers panel, here are my suggestions along with some points I feel AD lags behind the competition: To toggle an object's visibility I just click its checkbox. That's fine, but to toggle its editability I have to select the object then click the single padlock in the upper right. (Which is misaligned BTW: the padlock icon is above the visibility checkboxes so it will mislead novice users into thinking that the checkboxes are used to lock layers.) Then a padlock icon appears and I can click it to unlock the object. I know AD is modeled after Illustrator, but these are quite inconsistent approaches for similar actions. Xara, CorelDRAW and even Inkscape have a much better solution: both commands are toggle icons for every object, and the padlock never disappears: it just changes state. Productivity tool: Solo layer / object (Xara). Productivity tool: a button to make all layers / objects visible (Xara again). Productivity tool: a button to make all layers / objects editable (Xara again). The thumbnails in AD are way better than the others, but they may become invisible because the background is always dark gray. Affinity should show a checkered background or compute the background color automatically, perhaps. Of course if anyone knows about hidden shortcuts of alternate ways of doing the above I'd love to hear from you. Thanks, and sorry for the long post...
  11. Hello :) First sorry for the any error in the message. I am brasilian, english learning o/ So, i am Corel Draw user and some tiny things in Affity Designer let me lost. In Corel if you are not in a mask/powerclip, you can place the object anywhere and and see it. It helps me in small projects, but I do several versions. An example is when do ads on images to Google Adsense. Or some case a put references files there. In attach you se some example in corel. But in Affity Designer i can not do this. It is possible?
  12. Ouchies, no 3-point curve tool? CorelDraw has this. Manga Studio has this. MS Paint has had this since the stone age of the internet. If Affinity implements this, Illustrator can basically choke on a urinal cake, because the simple 3-point curve tool has served to shave so much time off my productivity that it makes Illustrator users red in the face to time-trial a project against me, to this day. If this could be implemented, I'd definitely buy the software. If a macro could be made (or already exists), I would be SO beyond grateful for a link in the right direction! It would give this program a great edge against Illustrator's chuggy, time-consuming, inefficient and headache-inspiring methods.
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