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  1. hm, ok, too bad. i guess i have to get the pictures taken again then, but this time with the border pulled into a (near) rectangular shape. thx all for your help though!
  2. i was actually hoping to get the entire blanket as a picture without cutting something off... :)
  3. thank you for your input! sounds like a lot of work though! :unsure: i was actually hoping to find an easier way to do this. maybe someone else knows a workaround?
  4. hi all, i have several images of objects such as the attached image of a blanket. as you can see, the edges of the blanket are uneven. what i would like to do, is to basically pull the edges of the blanket, so that i end up with the object being a perfect rectangle. is there a way to do this with affinity photo or even affinity designer? i didn't find anything about it in the tutorials or in this forum. appreciate your help! frank
  5. hi all, i have a question that i hope you might be able to solve: when i export my afdesign files to eps and my supplier opens them with coral draw, the size changes, e.g. from the original 120x120cm to 90x90cm. this happens all the time and neither he or i can explain why that happens - anyone got an idea?
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