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  1. Thanks reglico, but actually its a half-solution, becuase its only for horizontal or vertical movements and the method is complicated (it requires several clicks). In Corel i can drag&drop the letter and move wherever i want, with two clicks, independently from the text box or the baseline. So yeah, lets say your suggestion works, but its still not exactly the thing i wish. Believe or not i use this feature quite often when i work on text-heavy graphic-based pdf documents. Sometimes the simple x-y alignement method isnt enough. Corel is brilliant in that. ps: ... but just to be fair, Corel is less smooth and optimized in processing than AFD. Thatswhy i would love to see that Serif would be open to develop itself not just as an Adobe-killer, but a Corel-killer too. :) My opinion is that Adobe is obsessed to define everything with numbers and strongly force the user to get used to that. Corel is more like a "drag-and-drop-anywhere-you-want" based software. ... and as a creative worker i prefer to be productive as fast as i can without calculating every of my movements and crossing it with ten thousand clicks. Simplifying things is the key to fast and fruitful creative work, and thats also the key to reach a wider circle of users. ;)
  2. Oh, thanks reglico, i presumed that there should be a way to do it. "To move letters" - Checked.
  3. As a veteran Corel Draw user, after 48 hours i immediately found Affinity Desinger truly fascianating. Its fast, smooth and im glad Affinity adopts solutions from Illustrator and Corel too, and im expremely happy that AFD is available for Windows already. I would be ready to change my workflow to continue daily work with Affinity only but there are few things i really miss. Please consider to implement these things: - Swatches part1: To me its awfully slow to choose the right colour of fill/stroke to an object. This is what i truly hate in Illustrator too. In CorelDraw there is a very simple way to do that: Palettes are always visible on the right side of the screen - RGB, CYMK or any palettes you want. Left click to fill, right click to stroke. It makes the procedure lightning fast. - Swatches part2: There is no way to work comfortably with swatches (saying as a Corel user). I would love to see them all the time on the side, and use the colour wheel only if its neccessary. Also i really wanna know what colour im actually using on an object. CorelDraw is amazing in that case. See the attached picture. Working with text: In Corel there is an option to move each letter independently in the letter boksz with the Shape Tool. As far as i know there is no option for that in AFD yet. These may seem small things, but it truly fastens the process while working on a complex graphic, without clicking a bunch of times across the screen. If u could make these options available somehow im sure more and more users would be ready to change to Affinity. Thanks and respect for your brilliant work, Dear Affinity Team!
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