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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I was looking for a simple and faster way than the slider to modify the thickness of a vector line with a keyboard command. I searched through the AD main menus and found nothing. I then looked in the Settings…, then in the Shortcuts and I found a series of settings for access to multiple functions. Nice surprise, it’s perfect!… For each vector shape creation tool, there is a shortcut to increase or decrease shape parameters. These shortcuts are based on the character [ and ], which on macOS (french) are accessible only with the 3 keys Shift + Option + ( for the opening bracket and with the 3 keys Shift + Option + ) for the closing bracket (see screenshot below). Question 1: whatever the tool selected, typing a shortcut on the keyboard including the bracket characters [ or ] causes the sound alert to ring and has no effect on the selection!… I wanted to make sure that the command worked by changing the shortcut and that is indeed the case, the function is operational on the selection. Perfect !… Question 2: what is the logic chosen in the value of the increment steps?… This escapes me. Is there a way to define this increment step?… I then wanted to redefine the original shortcut by typing Shift + Option + (, but this was not taken into account by the software. I then had to click on the Serif Default button in order to return to factory settings. I'm surprised no warning appeared for this all-important erase function. I also saw that there were two options, Increase Stroke Weight and Increase Stroke Weight (Absolute). Question 3: What is the difference between the two options?… I also discovered a keyboard shortcut to remove the background from a vector object, but There you go, if you can enlighten me on these questions… Thank you in advance. 🙂 NB: I find that the online help on the web is a model of its kind. It's perfect. In addition, searching for functions in French often yields very few results. While you can do a search in English on Google for example which links to Serif's online help and just change (bottom left) the language (for me French): it's just perfect and really very convenient. Thanks !…
  2. Never had this issue with V1. anyone else having selection tool issues? Mac0S - Ventura 13.0.1 - M1Pro
  3. I had similar issues with earlier V1 Photo&Designer versions. Now with V2 it repeats. Using v2.0.4 app, MacOS 13.2.1 and czech keyboard layout. Probably 40% of keys conbinations are not working. I guess it's because of non-english keyboard layout. If they're working, it changes the shortcuts after app restart - example with numeric block shortcuts in attachment. There're also bugs in another parts of the shortcuts settings - an example Edit menu with multiple Emoji&Symbols entries.
  4. A bug named AFP-5878 mentioned many times and introduced in v2 is still not fixed, no one outside UK/US keyboard users can use square brackets for brush size control. And there's a novelty in 2.2 - even not fixing this, Serif added more shortcuts with square brackets. trivia: out of 28 EU union countries I think only Ireland is using UK/US keyboard and no, there is no option to replace zillion brushes with 4 shortcuts each to something else in every Serif software (it's not working in Designer and Publisher also) I'm speechless!
  5. Hello, After a very long time during wich we with AltGr key for square bracket were not able to use them for changing brush sizes there is a new situation in first release candidate. From the box it is still not working but after going to setting shortcuts and changing each [ and ] in the field with same keystroke which it registers AltGR+F and AltGr+G - then it finally works!!! But is very tedious process as there are myriads of brushes in AP! (not just sizes, it's also brush hardness which should be changed in the same manner) I've tested several brushes from the ribbon tool left, looks well so far only Clone brush is strange - it does not show size change until AltGr key is unreleased so it's not so easy to set correct size. I'm hoping that this problem will have more work and fixes until RC2 so we don't have to change each shortcut
  6. Hi, I am on Affinity Photo 2.1.1. and am experience issues with the shortcuts for resizing the brushes. As I am on a German keyboard and have no brackets on my keys. I have reassigned the shortcuts to Option A (decrease) Option S (increase). when I use the shortcuts nothing happens. I have these shortcuts across the affinity suite. In A Designer they work (2.1.1) just perfect. I am on MacOS - 12.6.5 M1 Chip. It there a known bug ? Cheers, Hendrik
  7. Hi, (This is the first test on V2(1.1.), I haven't tested any older V2 version!), Win 10, Wacom tablet On V 1 I used key shortcuts on all brushes and everywhere - width/size: increase/decrease - alt+2/alt+1 On V 2(1.1) it's impossible. Some work, some don't. Example: Photo persona (on Publisher) Paint brush [B]: alt+2/alt+1 doesn't work, str(ctrl)+2/str+1 does work Selection brush [W]: str+2/str+1 doesn't work, alt+2/alt+1 does work etc. (everywhere) on all 3 programs ... After reset to original brackets: doesn't work either (but I think this is an old problem on Germany keyboard layout, that's why I use alt+1,+2 all the time on V1, which is a convenient way of use) What to do? Thanks for a solution!
  8. The shortcuts to change bruh sizes (originally [ ]) do not work. Changed them in the settings menu to Alt +1. Alt+2 , didn't work neither. Just boring for the workflow!
  9. Hi, sad to report that all brushes sizes still can't be changed with square brackets for us who use AltGr keyboards/languages to access them Win10 EXE version (the same is with MSIX beta) (typing a text is OK, brackets are there)
  10. Hello, adjusting the Brush Size with the Shortcuts "[" and "]" does not work with German Keyboard Layout (qwertz). The configurated buttons on my Wacom Tablet did also not work. Workaround: Replace the Keyboard Shortcuts "[" with AltGr+8 and "]" with AltGr+9 (Screenshot) To do this navigate to: Bearbeiten (Edit) -> Einstellungen (Preferences) ->Tastenkürzel (Keyboard Shortcuts) -> Malpinsel (Paint Brush Tool) -> Pinselgröße erhöhen (Increase Brush Size): AltGr+8 eintragen (replace) -> Pinselgröße verringern (Decrease Brush Size): AtltGr+9 eintragen (replace) My System: HP 440G5, Windows 11 (22H2 Build 22621.963), Affintity Photo 2.0.3 Viele Grüße Roland P.S.: Please excuse me my bad english
  11. If using the keyboard shortcut like [] does not work on Apple keyboards in German or other non-English layouts. On these, you need to press e.g. option modifier key to reach the base key, this seems to confuse Affinity. https://maconline.de/blog/post/deutsche-qwertz-und-internationale-tastaturlayouts-qwerty-azerty Tastenkürzel für das Malen Aktion Taste Aufnehmen einer neuen Pinselfarbe -Ziehen Ändern der Deckkraft für den ausgewählten Ebeneninhalt oder den Pinsel Zifferntasten (4 = 40 %, 43 = 43 %, usw.) Verkleinern/Vergrößern der Pinselbreite [ ] https://affinity.help/photo2/de.lproj/pages/Workspace/shortcuts.html
  12. I am using Affinity Photo 2.0 on my Surface Book 3 under Windows 10 Business with german and the american keyboard layout. While the square bracket for changing the brush size works fine with the american layout ("ü" and "+" on a german keyboard), something weired happens with the german (ALT + 8 and ALT +9). As long there is no layer added, ALT + 8 and ALT +9 works but does not provide visual feedback while changing the size. If some layer are added, ALT + 8 and ALT +9 does toglle between the layer. Changing the brush size with the american layout still worls fine with "ü" and "+" on a german keyboard, even if layers are added. The video shows the description in the same order 2022-12-28 - 02.MP4
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