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  1. Thank you. Interesting detail is that during the export calculations, AP bumps up the CPU power to over 700 %. The fans are blowing fast and the battery consumption is enormous. I have this issue for a while...sometimes it worked but the majority of the time it fails. I love the product but I can not earn any money with my images when I can not export them. (file sent). Am I correct that there is an AP version 1.5.4 available? I am currently traveling but I think that I have at home version 1.5.4. I maybe incorrect..
  2. hello Affinity forum I am having an issue with exporting images. I am on MacOS 10.12.6 (MacBook Pro latest edition - 16GB RAM) and Affinity 1.5.2. When I want to export the image affinity photo does not pass the calculating stage. It seems that affinity photo is hanging in a loop. Any help appreciated to solve this issue. Cheers