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  1. Live paint bucket is one of the features that would be really neat to have, and it's kind of a shame that it's so silent from the devs. But there's probably a lot going on under the surface of the app that makes it more complicated than it seems, and we should all be grateful for these amazing Affinity apps that are already, not only giving Adobe the competition they've needed for too long, but also murdering the standards of what's possible on a tablet. I feel like my iPad leveled up 10 times when i installed Affinity Designer and Photo. So please think of this before being too harsh. That said I'm also eager to see the live paint bucket update one day, rather sooner than later!
  2. Hm can't find it, but good to know it's been brought up. Hopefully it gets fixed so the layer size expands instead of the other way around
  3. Thank you! I don't know why I didn't think of doing it that way. So that sort of solved it for me, but I still like doing it visually instead of mathematically. Inspired by you DM1 I made a video demonstrating the problem. As you can see, some strange glitches occur too. The steps are: Turn the canvas into an artboard, select the artboard and resize visually, select a previously created layer, draw something that's larger than the old size, observe the ugly glithces. Same goes for selections larger than the old size. Sorry that this is going so off-topic. FE760E6A-9814-4175-8D00-860DC0BDC70B.MP4
  4. Really nice to know it's actually possible. That is if I hadn't expanded the canvas. I do that by making it an artboard, selecting it and resize with move tool (only way I can figure that doesn't alter the content, so it's like "resize canvas" in Photoshop). Problem is that it seems to not want to completely let go of the original (smaller) canvas/artboard size, and in this situation it means that when reversing a selection it only selects the pixels that are within what was the original size. So it selects a small square in the corner of the canvas. I hope that's understandable and that someone can help. I also hope that it's not a problem that I revive this old thread.
  5. That would be really very nice to have. Isn't it possible neither to just copy and paste character/paragraph style, like you'd normally do with cmd+alt(+shift sometimes)+C/V on a Mac? It isn't possible to do it like that with a bluetooth keyboard, just tried. And also tried pasting the text I want formatted directly after some text with the right format, which might make it adapt from it I thought, but no it doesn't. Seems there's no workaround, but to do it manually, step by step by step. Each single time. Wah
  6. My .ai file (in Google Drive within the Files app) is just greyed out, unable to be imported. Drag n drop doesn't work either. What does PDF stream do, and do you select it when saving? I don't have my laptop so can't see for myself atm.
  7. No problem. It's probably needless to say that i would be more than happy to see the Coverage Map in the iPad version. But as it's already in the desktop version, i can imagine that this wish will be granted soon?
  8. It would really be sweet if making shapes without antialiasing would become possible. Beside the shapes, the pen tool doesn't have the option either. Pen tool without antialiasing would be very nice too. Edit: And fonts too! And all the rest... I know this post is old, but thought it'd be better to take up an old thread than to make a new one.
  9. Thanks, but I'm on iPad, so, as you describe in your response to that post, I don't have the option that controls antialiasing. Or am I missing something? I can imagine it's a little confusing when some of us are on iPad and others on desktop, sorry for that. @αℓƒяє∂ and @R C-R your posts help me understand, thanks. R C-R what you're suggesting sounds logical, in case the theory of how the options work holds good.
  10. Thanks for the explanation. I might not have understood completely, but it makes some sense to me, and I've set my options to 'Force pixel alignment' ON and 'Move by whole pixels' OFF. If I understood right, MBWP only has an effect when working with sub-pixel stuff, (which I don't completely understand the purpose of – why not just increase resolution?). What's most important to me is to get rid of antialiasing in as many scenarios as possible (when I don't choose to enable it). Now it's possible to move things pixels, I hope future updates will make it possible to also resize and rotate and to use the pen tool with all its sub-tools – pretty much do everything – without antialiasing
  11. One more question: What happens if I don't disable "Move by whole pixels"? It seemed to work either way.
  12. Sure. When resizing, it seems to always blur. I tried resizing a selection of 94x84 (random number I know, but even) to the double (188x168), and it still got blurred. This selection (94x84) rotated nicely though, without antialiasing, when I rotated it 90º. Rotation also looks good when X and Y in the selection are both even. I said before that it had to do with the size of the selection, but it's probably just a question of even or odd. I'm not good at math, but I'm slowly getting it. A workaround for resizing could be to resize the whole file after duplicating it and then copying the parts you want to be larger into the smaller file. Though, this should only work if the size is doubled, and it's probably too awkward to do in a real situation. Sorry if I make it all seem unnecessarily complicated by not understanding completely. Hope it all makes sense.
  13. Yes you're right. I didn't think of resizing before, but neither that or rotation works. That's a shame, definitely a drawback. Even though movement is more important. I haven't tried exactly what you described, not sure why it has to be an odd number, but no matter how I resize or rotate, it gets antialiased. Edit: I see why you wanted it to be an odd number, sorry for not thinking. However, no matter what I do it seems to get antialiased, odd or not. Except for a tiny 5x5 figure – when rotating that 90º it's still sharp, but tried a much larger selection that got blurry when rotating 90º or 180º.
  14. As well as I could't find words for my disappointment just before, I now can't find words for my gratitude. THANK YOU!!! I am so amazed with Affinity, and now I can start using it for real! And a very fast response too. Please treat yourself with something nice, I suggest cheesecake and port wine. Is there a way to also rotate a selection without antialiasing? I can live without it, but it would certainly be a neat bonus. We can mark this thread as solved now, I think, if that's a thing in here? But maybe OP is the one to do so. The blue man is now smiling and crying of happiness instead of sorrow.
  15. You got to be kidding me. I just bought AP for iPad and currently testing the features. I was so happy that I finally got a decent Photoshop-level bitmap editing app for iPad, but this problem takes Affinity Photo from superb to useless for me. I'm dead serious! I always work without antialiasing, as it makes it much easier to transform and recolour, and because I hate blur and love sharp edges – in high as well as low resolution. But now I know that as soon as I transform anything, even if I just move a completely isolated bunch of pixels, it gets blurry = the whole picture is ruined. And there's nothing I can do about it. Affinity has SO many amazing features that no other iPad app has, but this 'little' issue flushes all of them down the drain and yet again makes Procreate the most useful drawing app for me, even with all the annoying flaws it has. I can't put in words how disappointed I am. Please, tell me that you are going to add the option for non-antialiased transformation or make ANY kind of update that fixes this issue. And yes, I created my profile picture as a dedication to this topic. (edit: when I wrote this he was sad, now I made him happy, as the problem was partly solved)
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