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  1. Thank you for this option. For my use, it is very useful to be able to change the link to pdf when i want to modify the index of my document. ( Something that i can't do in Adobe Acrobat Pro ).
  2. Thank you for your answer. Affinity Publisher is very near to be used as a "Adobe Acrobat Pro" too : bookmarks panel, drag and drop pdfs,... It will be so GREAT ! so USEFUL !
  3. Thank you for your answer. I have a pdf file with 80 pages , I want to create an APu "Passtrough pdf" for each page. I can do manually ..... but can i do in one shot ?
  4. Hi, I would like to have all my pdf pages of my pdf files in Pdf Passtrough. I know how to do all my pages in a same time. Can someone help me ? Regards
  5. Hi, When Publisher starts i receive this message (see pic) Best Regards
  6. Hi Affinity's team Great to have bookmarks for pdf !!!!!! I would like to have WYSWYG bookmarks pdf in a dedicated panel inside Affinity Publisher. Can we have numbering with bookmarks in TOC ? "PDF Passthrough" is great too ! Finally, it will be so good to have a AFFINITY Acrobat Pdf Pro (standalone) ! Can i hope for this ? Best regards
  7. Still don't have in 1.8 ?!? Adding bookmarks in exported pdfs is a crucial feature. Please next release !
  8. I don't find how to export pdf including bookmarks. (I used to produce technical documentations.)
  9. I mean it's difficult to catch straight forward with mouse. I must to go to the next page and come back to catch the symbol "Page break".
  10. Great , Thanks a lot ! It's diificult to catch this symbol : must go to the next page.
  11. I have searched everywhere !!! I can't not to find how to delete a page break.
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