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    Vynce reacted to eluengo in button to "preview" pages   
    could be interesting to have either a button or a simple keyboard command to hide ALL... margins, squares containing text or graphics, grid, etc... so in a moment is possible to see EXACTLY how the page will be printed without the interference of all those unprintable elements.
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    Vynce reacted to Emulite in Wish: Output dynamic keyboard shortcuts list   
    Delighted that while adding a custom keyboard shortcut via preferences, you get an immediate warning triangle of any conflict and that your key combo shows up in the toolbar immediately. However the Help programme does not pick that up so it would be good to have a method of printing out the current list of shortcuts. That is a strategy that could help a lot of software.
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    Vynce reacted to Fixx in Export Facing pages separately to PDFs   
    This really should be default:

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    Vynce reacted to vonBusing in Data merge   
    @DanParsons: It seams that you are answering to @grapher as if he was representing Serif. He is not. He is just another forum user just like you or me. Serif staff have a "staff" mark by their avatar.  "unprofessional" would really not be the word I would use to describe how they meet users questions in these forums. Since there are _a lot_ of questions/requests, they are not always able to answer/comment every single one, though.
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    Vynce reacted to Dave Harris in Data merge   
    We're aware of the need for it, and will add it eventually, but almost certainly not for the initial release. We've too much other stuff to do.
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    Vynce reacted to garrettm30 in GREP find/replace   
    I’m so totally stoked about this beta. I have spent a couple hours poking around, and I can say that this beta is further along than I expected. I have high hopes that this will in time replace Indesign for us (a small publisher), and it looks well on track.
    Among several features that wowed right away and other "missing features" that I can work around, the one thing that stood out for me is the lack of GREP searches. In Indesign, I have a small series of GREP searches that I have saved over the past years, and I run nearly everything through them. A couple minutes on a typical file, and I have made several hundred changes. When I work on a book, the changes are in the thousands. (Note: I publish in French, and French typography relies heavily on non-breaking spaces; these GREP searches help me rapidly put them where they ought to go.)
    While you're there: being able to save the searches as presets would be ideal. And as not everyone is familiar with GREP, a few pre-saved searches would help provide them immediate use: remove multiple spaces, remove trailing space, etc.
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    Vynce reacted to vonBusing in Data merge   
    I don't believe this is a realistic goal. Affinity Publisher is not aiming at getting EVERYONE to switch from Indesign. They are quite many low hanging fruits to focus on with people doing much simpler things, that could do with a simpler tool that get them all the way they need and in a more enjoyable way.
    Nevertheless, data merge specifically, would be really useful. 
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    Vynce reacted to CusumanoCasper in Data merge   
    I use the data merge tool daily to create QR-codes in a batch or load data into a pdf. I think this is not present in the beta build?
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    Vynce reacted to Patrick Connor in Data merge   
    @gregoiredierendonck, @Sponka, @debiant, @Josh Mills, @lights95 , @BoloGauranga, @TomJG  @am2008, @J. One, @ilocho and anyone else I have missed (sorry)
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums
    I have pinned this popular post to the top of the forum for others to find more easily. I cannot say if this will be implemented anytime soon, but clearly it would be desirable to you and others.
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    Vynce reacted to Dolly Levi in Data merge   
    As I have run out of my daily allocation of reactions to Forum comments (Why? Surely it'easier for the developers to see how many "likes" a comment has rather than having to read loads of "And me's"?), I would like to add my +1 for Data Merge.