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  1. Dear A-Team, I am using Publisher already since the 1st beta. I even switched now to using it to create my business and training presentations. It gives me way more flexibility and professional tools than PowerPoint or Keynote. Of course Here my question now: Do you see any possibility to create a "Presentation mode" type of feature? Currently, I have to either create a PDF from the slides, but the preview application is limited when using it as a presentation tool. Or, I have to generate pictures from every page and put it on empty slides in PowerPoint. Both solutions are not great.
  2. Dear forum users, I have been working with publisher since version 1. It's amazing what you can already do in a beta version of Serif software. Even if the booklet is not ready yet, you can see the performance and capabilities of the application. Great program. Any feedback is welcome Brochure_Stefan_Fillibeck_Consulting.pdf
  3. Hi Michail, yep... right. too much scaling at the end of the day... I will change it to some more fingers Thanks
  4. Hi GarryP, thank you so much for the very detailed feedback. I will address those proposals immediately. It's great that guys like you take the time for this. Thanks again! It is highly appreciated! Stefan
  5. I was creating this draft document fully in AP in conjunction with the photo editing and graphic work in AD and AP. Publisher is simply a great tool and completes the family.... A4_Prospect_light.pdf
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